Kenny Baker

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Date of Birth: 08/24/1934

Age: 82

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Kenny Baker was born on August 24th 1934 in the UK. From an early age, Kenny was different from the others - and not only because he was undersized (now an actor growth equals 112-year-centimeters). Baker on the right was special - acting talent in him was evident. In addition, he was different from an early age and extreme dedication, so managed to achieve a lot in the future.

Fate gave Kenny not tall, but do not skimp on versatility and a natural skill. For some time, Kenny Baker appeared in a circus, and at the same time - participated in theater performances. He displayed a variety of "things" that always comes to taste to fans of his work.

When Kenny drew attention to the real professionals, it was already an established, experienced actor who knows how much. Baker offered an excellent scenario for the future of the space saga, which was a resounding name - "Star Wars" .Kenni Baker, of course, agreed. The actor played excellently in most of the episodes of the saga, and his name - later - was in the cast list of all parts of the film (including the third episode in which Kenny was not playing).

After some time, Kenny Baker reappeared on screens large cinema, working with the most famous directors including George Lucas, Milos Forman and others.

In addition, Kenny - a great actor, he is also an excellent musician. Baker`s great plays harmonica. When the actor once appeared on one of the most prestigious party at Silverstone (in the 1997th year) with an accordion in his hands, and then struck guests own game, after a while it was called "the perfect musical event."

With the same - of 1997 - a talented actor and musician Kenny Baker began to speak with its own show. Presentation of the little man is a comedic character, and is a favorite of a lot of fans.

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