Kenneth Nelson

Picture of Kenneth Nelson

Date of Birth: 03/24/1930

Age: 63

Place of birth: Rocky Mount

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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Kenneth Nelson was born March 24, 1930 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina (Rocky Mount, North Carolina). He has appeared in several television series in the late `40s, including the sci-fi adventure series` Captain Video and his Video reyndzhery` (Captain Video and His Video Rangers) and the popular sitcom` Family of Oldrich` (The Aldrich Family). In 1951, Kenneth received a role in her first Broadway show, a musical comedy about first love called `Semnadtsat` (Seventeen), a theatrical adaptation of the novel by Booth Tarkington (Booth Tarkington). The premiere of `Semnadtsati` held on 21 June, the show has stood 182 display.

In the second half of the 50 Kenneth it was not too much work, but in 1960 he got a role in the off-Broadway staging titled `Fantazery` (The Fantasticks) - and it was a success. `Fantazery` to this day are the` dolgoigrayuschim` musical in the world. In total, the show went on in `42 and stood 17162 hits. In 1962, Nelson became understudy Anthony Newley (Anthony Newley) in the Broadway musical `Stop the world - I want to soyti` (Stop the World - I Want to Get Off), which hit on Broadway (Broadway) with scenes of London`s West End ( West End). Ultimately, Nelson became a leading actor, when the Englishman left the star of the show. After the musical was closed, Kenneth was able to play one more British musical comedy, `Gender-shestipensovika` (Half a Sixpence) - the show went from 25 April 1965 to 16 July 1966.

In 1968, Nelson took part in the ground-breaking off-Broadway staging `Orkestranty` (The Boys in the Band), which caused mnogosporov as touched delicate subject. `Orkestranty`, perhaps, it was the first play, frankly and directly shows the life of New York`s gay. Along with the cast posing Nelson played in the film adaptation of the play directed by William Friedkin (William Friedkin), published in 1970. And he Kenneth Nelson, and five other actors were gay - and four of the six died of AIDS.

In addition, in 1970, Nelson returned to Broadway to play the lead role in the musical `Lovely lady, good dzhentlmeny` (Lovely Ladies, Kind Gentlemen), the musical adaptation of John Patrick`s play (John Patrick)` Tea tseremoniya` (The Teahouse of the August Moon) on the novel by Verne Schneider (Vern Sneider). Unfortunately, critics have left from raising the living space, and in financial terms the musical proved a disaster and was closed after 19 performances. In 1974, the actor starred in the highly successful revue `Koul` (Cole) in London`s The Mermaid Theatre. He loved England (England) and was not going to return to the United States (United States).

In the remaining years, Kenneth Nelson, mainly starred in small roles on television and in the movies. He played the Americans in the British television series `criminal Professionaly` (The Professionals) in 1978, Grogan (Grogan) in a detective miniseries` Vozmezdie` (Edge of Darkness) in 1985, Hank Johnson (Hank Johnson) in the historical television drama in 1986 ` imperii` lost (lost Empires) with a rising star Colin Firth (Colin Firth) in the title role.

Nelson died on October 7, 1993, aged 63, in London, from complications of AIDS.