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Year of birth : 1982Age: 33 year

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Manufacturers of five lines of clothing and accessories

`Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.` - American fashion house ,

Young fashion designer Kenneth Cole (Kenneth Cole) founded in 1982.

First, in September of 1982, Cole called the company `Kenneth Cole Incorporated`.He had planned to show his new shoe line on the market week in New York hotel `Hilton` (Hilton New York), but found that he could not take off in the hotel room or exhibition space, to showcase their products. Cole hired a truck and asked for permission to park in the City Hall two blocks from `Hiltona`.Having learned that such permits are issued only to utilities or film companies, engaged in the shooting of feature films, Kenneth changed the name of his company to `Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.` and asked for permission to remove a feature film called` The Birth of shoe kompanii` (The Birth of a Shoe Company). And December 22 ,1982 a truck with the inscription `Kenneth Cole Productions` and the trailer with the director, the models instead of actresses, lighting fires, and two police officers at the entrance are located in front of house number 1370 on Sixth Avenue (Sixth Avenue). Velvet tape fencing allowed to get into the trailer of a limited number of people,but two and a half days, Kenneth Cole has sold forty thousand pairs of shoes! A film crew recorded this amazing processwhich really turned out to be the birth of a shoe company, on film. In honor of the beginning of this unusual fashion house Kenneth Cole retains its not entirely conventional garment -manufacturing company and the name of the shoe.

In 1985, Kenneth Cole opened his first store on Columbus Avenue (Columbus Avenue) in Manhattan (Manhattan). Shortly thereafter opened next store on Union Street (Union Street) in San Francisco (San Francisco). Today,Kenneth Cole brand stores and departments in large department stores can be found all over the world, from Mexico (Mexico) to Canada (Canada), from the UK (United Kingdom) to Singapore (Singapore), Australia (Australia) to South Africa (South Africa).

Currently, `Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.`Produces five different lines of clothing and accessories in different price categories. The most expensive of them, the original line `Kenneth Cole New York` with an average cost of products of $ 100 to $ 800, includes clothing for men and women, accessories, watches and perfumes.

Line `Gentle Souls` - from 80 to 300 dollars -a collection of comfortable women`s shoes. In 1996, the fashion house has launched a new line of `Kenneth Cole Reaction`, more democratic at the price (from 35 to 250 dollars) which is an everyday version of` Kenneth Cole New York`.

The third line of clothing, `Kenneth Cole Unlisted` -it is inexpensive collection of bags and clothing for men and women, priced from 25 to 80 dollars. Finally, `Tribeca` - the most economical representative of the fashion family.

The company `Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.` Takes an active part in charitable activities and often uses advertising and publicity to support good initiatives.One of the main directions of the charitable activities of the company and personally Kenneth Cole is the prevention of AIDS and the support of medical research in this area, which dates back to 1985, when Cole was able to collect $ 3 million in research while still practically unexplored disease. In August 2006 ,the company announced that it would stop the production and sale of furs by the autumn of 2007. Cole is also involved in a nonprofit organization `HELP USA`, headed by his wife Maria Cuomo Cole (Maria Cuomo Cole), and that helps homeless people, offering them housing, jobs and services. Other campaigns,on which I would like to mention is also the establishment of funds for those affected by the September 11, 2001, and from the effects of Hurricane `Katrina`.

Kenneth Cole, son of Charles Cole (Charles Cole), the owner of `El Greco`, shoe manufacturing company, was born March 23, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York).Before entering the family business and set up his own company, Cole was studying law at Emory University (Emory University).

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