Ken Takakura

Picture of Ken Takakura

Date of Birth: 02/16/1931

Age: 85

Place of birth: Kitakyushu

Citizenship: Japan


Goiti Oda was born in Nakama (Fukuoka Prefecture); His father was a military sailor, his mother - a teacher. When studying in high school, he was fond of boxing and aikido; believed to be in his youth, he has repeatedly witnessed the struggle for influence of the yakuza gangs on the black market postwar Fukuoka, which later used in the creation of his image.

In 1954 he graduated from Goiti Meiji University in Tokyo. In 1955, he was accidentally vrayone casting held by Toei film company, and decided to take part in it.

Takakura debuted on screen in 1956 in the film Denko Karate Uchi. Against the backdrop of generational conflict in the post-war Japan is actively developing the genre of "gangster film" turned to Ken Takakura successful niche. His` breakthrough to fame "was held in" Abashiri Prison "and its sequel, Abashiri Bangaichi: Bokyohen (Abashiri Prison: Longing for Home), 1965, in which he played an anti-hero, a former fraudster. During the period of his career at Toei before leaving there in 1976 Takakura starred in more than 180 films.

International fame came to Takakura after the execution of one of the main roles of Major Yamaguchi in the war film 1970 "Too late the hero" and the film Sydney Pollack`s 1974 "Yakuza" and is best known in the West, probably his role police MasahiroMatsumoto in "Black Rain "Ridley Scott (1989). It is known to Western audiences, and his role in Fred Schepisi comedy "Mr. Baseball" (1992).

By the end of the century Takakura largely moved away from the shooting, starring for the 2000s, only three films: "The ways of a thousand miles," Zhang Yimou (2005), and Hotaru (2001) and Anata e (2012) Yasuo Furuhata.

Takakura died November 10, 2014 in Tokyo at 83 years of age, against which developed lymphoma.