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"The Kelly Family" Group achieved phenomenal success : laser disk "Almost Heaven" sold three million circulation in Europe.That is more than enough to get the status of a platinum disc in Germany, Switzerland, Chehiii, Poland, Norway, Holland and Spain.

The album "Over The Hump" sold in excess of 4 million copies across Europe. In the European music industry "The Kelly Family" is among the brightest stars such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins ,Tina Turner, "The Fugees" and others. In the past four years, the band performed in front of more than 10 million. Viewers throughout Europe and China, including an outdoor concert in the 250 thousand. Man, and performances together with Carreras and Pavarotti. Their television show watched by millions of viewers. On the creative account of "The Kelly Family" 16 albums and 11 video clips.In 1996, the group received "Eko" prize (award German music industry) - as the best pop band of the year.


"The Kelly Family" not only rock and pop artist, but also something more. Their repertoire includes music of various cultures and directions : from lyrical ballads to modern rap and hip- hop.

Folds, woolen clothes ,vintage ribbon around the neck, waist or shoulders, plus a bold combination of colors and accents - Kelly created and show them one inherent in the style and fashion. In everyday life, on the stage, in the video - attracted the attention of a free and witty appearance of family members, in which there are romantic notes. Kelly not only sing about freedom - they live there.Kelly `s family does not have the ambition which sometimes have pop stars. They charge viewers warmth of his soul and musical enthusiasm. The terms of their audiences of all ages - from 3 to 70 years.

Family - a myth

Just a family of 12 children, 9 of them create a compelling cost "The Kelly Family": Kathy, John, Patricia, Jimmy, Joey, Barbie, Paddy, Mate, Angelo.Paul and Caroline left the family, and a painful Danny is in a sanatorium in the United States.

Kelly Singing family forms a healthy and happy world. When they are going after the show together - they look like a fortress. But what happens if a brother or sister appears partner ? It has a strong end to these relations ? Each himself knowsthat soon Kelly family will suffer the same crisis as the Jacksons. Due to natural circumstances - marriage and separation from family. We must assume that older siblings will continue is a family until they are replaced by a new generation. One already has : a five-year Sean - son of Kathy and Vincent, who is traveling with his family. Singer "The Kelly Family" do not like when they are compared with "The Osmonds" or "The Family Von Trap", as they are completely different - each member of the family playing on different musical instruments and songs sochinyanet. Twenty years Kelly family worked hard in the hard music business, to create a record company "KEL-. Life " They - producers of their albums, concert organizers and performers of his songs.


In the late 60 - ies of the head of Daniel Kelly family with his wife Barbara and their four children moved from America to Europe and settled in the south of Spain. The other children were born in different European countries (six of them - in Spain) . Almost all of them speak five foreign languages.

Daniel was poprofessii antiquarian, Barbara - a dancer, but they had a common passion - music. When their children grew up, Daniel noticed that they are all very talented. Mother insisted that children attended ballet studio and the music they made with the teacher coming. At first, Kelly `s family sang and played music on birthdays or weddings, and later on city festivals. When they began their passion for getting money, music has become the main occupation of their lives. In 1975, the debut of "The Kelly Family" on television. The band began to travel to other countries with concerts. The first public concert was held in 1976 in Italy. In 1980 with the single "David`s Song (Who`ll Come With Me)" group "The Kelly Family" has been successful in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Kelly Family calls himself an itinerant group, since living alternately in the double-decker bus, the two residential boats, they would come up and a personal aircraft. In 1982, Kelly `s family lost her mother, Barbara died of cancer. Her last wish was : " Keep on singing ! ". Going against loss, Kelly continued to wander the music world in 1983. In 1986 they traveled to France a year later - in Germany.

Patriarch Daniel family suffered a heart attack and not chuvsvom themselves as healthy ,to travel with children. But this does not prevent him from being an information coordinator and take care about the image of "The Kelly Family".

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