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Date of birth: 26.03.1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Teddington

Citizenship: United Kingdom

In this life you have to be the sun

The Early Years

She is a fan of the London club `West Hem`, he likes to keep everything under control and hates to watch movies that are played. Keira Knightley - a rising star of world cinema, which has become famous before they went to college. whether her life could have turned out differently, and why she chose a career as an actress?

Keira Christina Knightley was born in Teddington (London suburb) on 26 March 1985, in a family of actors Sharman Macdonald and Will Knightley. The very birth of Kira can be called an accident - Sherman, the time to quit the scene, decided to take dramatic and entered into a bet with her husband if she is safely sell his play, it will give birth to another child (they had a son, Caleb).

It is not difficult to guess that the dispute has won the mother of Kira. So literature was another good writer and cinema - talented actress. According to Kira, a name given to her father, who loved the Soviet skater Kira Ivanova. Knightley itself is not fond of skating, and wanted to be like their parents. When she was 3 years old, she said she wanted to have their own agent, and her parents have promised to comply with the request if it would be good to learn.

Cyrus tried my best. At school she was an excellent student round. In part, she wanted to get rid of congenital dyslexia (impaired reading and writing), and partly dreamed of a career of actress. On holidays she worked hard at acting, working on his speech and improve their appearance. And in 14 years, Knightley was lucky - she was offered a role that earned her first fame.

Behind Kira it was already a track record, because his film career she began at age 7, playing in the film `Royal Celebration`. This was followed by small roles in the films `delo` Village (1994),` Midsomer ubiystvo` (1995), `sokrovisch` Searchers (1996). Despite the constant employment in the film, Knightley was unhappy with his career. Her role was too small to make themselves known. But, as often happens, the actress helped a simple case.

On the road to success

Keira Knightley`s film career has changed due to its resemblance to another actress - Natalie Portman. It noted the director George Lucas, when looking for an actress for the role of double Queen - Saba. He suggested that the role of Knightley and her made-up so that even the parents of the girls could not recognize their own daughter. Later, Cyrus admitted that she was on the set not only played Saba, but often substitute for Portman in the role of Queen. When it is confirmed Lucas, the deed was done - the young actress interested producers.

In 1999, Knightley appeared in his first big project - ser `Oliver Tvist`. This was followed by roles in the thriller `Yama` (2001) and the film` The daughter of Robin Hood: vorov` Princess (2001). The latter work was notable because in it the first time Cyrus starred. She not only had to work on the way, but also to learn how to ride a horse, shoot straight from the bow and behave like a robber. These skills come in handy in the future actress when she was busy on the set of the main project of his life.

In the meantime, Kira enjoying the first rays of glory. Soon there was a break of her career - comedy `Play as Bekhem` (2002), where she played the role of a teenage girl Juliet, dreaming of a football player`s career. The film was a huge success at the box office, collecting 20 times more money spent. He brought the long-awaited fame actress, and with it - a stream of new proposals and contracts.

A breakthrough in the acting Knightley`s career coincided with the end of school. Cyrus has decided to continue his studies and in 2002 went to college, where for some time studied English literature, classics and history. She had hoped to be able to and to learn and work, but the study proved to be incompatible with the actress`s career. A year later, Knightley left college, but said that in the future, plans to complete the training.

World fame

Freed from the burden of study, Keira Knightley come to grips with his career and soon reached incredible results. In 2003 she managed to get one of the key roles in the adventure comedy `Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the & # 699; Black Pearl & # 700 ;. The very appearance on the set with the star of the first magnitude, Johnny Depp was already a great achievement. When the picture was released, the whole world fell at the feet of the actress.

The role of Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean `morya` Knightley earned worldwide fame and great popularity. Still, after the film grossed $ 650 million, becoming one of the highest-grossing in the history of Hollywood. In addition, he was nominated for numerous awards, which reflects its high level performances. After that, the actress appeared in two sequels of the film, too, had great success.

With this trilogy Keira Knightley has become one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. Roles in the films `Artur` King (2004),` Pidzhak` (2005), `Pride and predubezhdenie` (2005),` Domino` (2005) consolidated the success of the actress. Particularly successful critics considered the role of Elizabeth Bennet in the dramatic movie `Pride and predubezhdenie`, loosely based on Jane Austen`s novel. This work earned Knightley first nomination for `Golden globus` and `Oscar`.

After the nomination for `Oscar` to the actress were treated differently. And indeed Kira felt that reached a new level, and now has the right not to stumble. However, the next five years, there was virtually no notable roles in her career. The only exception is military drama `Iskuplenie` (2007), a role in which Knightley was nominated for the` Golden globus` and BAFTA Film Award and received the magazine `Empire`.

The symbolic return of Keira Knightley in a great movie took place in 2011, when the screens went biographical drama `Dangerous metod`. The film became a major cinema event of the year, and Knightley acting job was at the center of discussion at the Venice Film Festival. Game actress divided critics into two groups: some thought it brilliant, others were skeptical about it. However, almost all agreed that this work brought Knightley picture energy and courage.

`Dangerous metod` actress returned to its former popularity. For this painting was followed by no less successful films `Karenina` Anna (2012),` once in zhizni` (2013), `Playing imitatsiyu` (2014). For the role of Joan Clarke in the historical drama `Playing imitatsiyu` Knightley was awarded the Hollywood Festival and was nominated for `Golden globus`, BAFTA and` Oscar `. In 2015, with the actress comes a dramatic picture of the `Everest`.

To date Keira Knightley - one of the most promising actresses of America, Hollywood`s future. Moreover, it is time not only in the movies, but also baby-sit her little daughter, who was born in May 2015. Father of the child is a rock musician, keyboardist London group `Klaxons` James Righton. They began dating back in 2011, and two years later married.

According to the actress, she is not a fan of marriage and thinks that they can do without it. When James had proposed to her, she thought it was something new, and agreed. But Cyrus is not as frivolous as you might think. She likes to keep everything under control and very rarely gives himself to relax. For example, she appointed herself a salary of 50 thousand dollars a year, and almost never spends in excess of this amount.

Knightley says she is not as good as everyone thinks. She has a bad temper, and it may be for no reason at all to become very cold. In such cases, she always remembers the parable of the sun and the wind, which she told her mother. It is said that the wind and the sun bet who will be able to remove from the human coat. As the wind I did not try, but the man wrapped himself even more. But when the sun warmed, the man took off his coat himself. Therefore, as she says, in this life you have to be the sun.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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