Kazys Grinius

Picture of Kazys Grinius

Date of Birth: 12/17/1866

Age: 83

Citizenship: Lithuania


Kazys Grinyus was born into a large peasant family (7 boys and 4 girls, two brothers and two sisters of the future president died early). He went to school in Oshkin, Limarkay, Marijampole. He graduated from the school Marijampole (1887). While studying in high school participated in the dissemination of the newspaper "Ausra", she participated in the production of hand-written newspapers.

He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Moscow University (1893). While studying at the University was arrested for participating in student riots (1889). He participated in the national liberation movement, consisted in an illegal society of Lithuanian students, since 1888, wrote to the Lithuanian newspapers and magazines "Letuvishkas balsas