Kay Bishop

Picture of Kay Bishop

Age: 56

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Public pasting as a way to express

Some sources Kay Bishop is known as a very strange title - `very grouchy old woman in mire`. Manifested grouchiness Kay said not so long ago, a very unusual way - to protest against the immigration policy of Britain Bishop yourself glued to the window of a local store. Dressed only in a `golyy`, flesh-colored bra and flesh-colored stockings with` pubic parikom` Kay sticked himself superglue for `90` lower. How it was to attack the problems of police and immigration policy is hard to say - but the noise woman really done badly; special charm the situation gives even and the fact that no laws by their actions did not violate the Bishop.

As explained to the woman who arrived at the venue of the demonstration the police, running with superglue was perhaps superfluous - to move it from a place with the use of force the police were not going to anyway. Despite the apparent impropriety of his conduct, formally Bishop was not exposed and does not violate any laws - so use against it is really radical measures from the authorities simply did not have grounds. As she told Bishop, the police also agreed with everything that she could tell them, what also does not encourage them to use force.

One of the few items of wardrobe Kay Bishop was a sash with the word `very grouchy old world 2015`. Speaking against the treatment of immigrants and the police, Bishop, to the best of their ability struggled with the injustice of the universe. Kay argued that she did not like the way things are in the world at the moment; woman sees around him a number of serious problems - and deeply outraged by the fact that no one except her these problems if not concerned. Meanwhile, the hype around the Bishop raises problems, which, in its view, in any case can not be ignored. Previously, Kay, like others, preferred to pluck the evil in personal disputes with friends or other equally meaningful ways; Now she has decided to take a few more `gromkim` approach.

It may seem that the action Kay Bishop can hardly be considered seriously deliberate political act; Bishop words too `abstraktny` and uncertain. Of course, in the words of the woman can be traced and specific requirements - so she insists on the full opening of borders for migrants around the world. Bishop believes that to let himself refugees from the combat zones should all - America, Canada, Australia and Britain itself. In addition, Kay protests against the way it is now turning to the police - at this point, perhaps somewhat lacking specifics.

Currently ongoing work at Kay Bishop there. Previously, she worked `undressing telegrammoy`, so that stripping in public for it is a matter of habit. Earlier, Bishop often dresses in outfits of nurses, police officers and many more whom; current dressing up for her is - in her own words - a way to convey their views to the public. It is difficult to say how much the actions of Bishop real desire to change the world, and how much - pretty typical outrageous. Some confused and Bishop readiness to clash with the authorities - dress women, for all its apparent obscenity, is precisely clothing and punishment for public nudity at Kay can not bring.

Apparently, on a single stock with adhering to the storefront window Bishop stops - `Now is the grouchy old woman in mire` thinking about` gastrolyah` national scale. Kay intends to visit the many towns where thought to express all that is already expressed in the shopping windows. It is possible that it will be able to repeat the success of his debut - especially in the wake of the general hype about the problems of migrants; it is possible, however, that 15 minutes of fame for Kay Bishop has already ended and the new shares of its interest in such a pretty blase all sorts of shocking the audience is not called. Hoping to do a serious effect on the performances of Bishop is not necessary; ultimately for the loud cries of the former stripper is not any concrete program of action, helping to somehow solve the rather difficult situation with the reception of migrants in the country`s first `world`.

The last event, meanwhile, ended quite peacefully. Clay eventually behind; Store work continued as usual. Store representatives commented on the situation - and in their comment was invested considerable fraction of the UK corporate malice; so, they expressed great satisfaction with the fact that their customers are fed this kind of love for their storefronts and further clarified that Kaye Bishop is not to be a permanent feature of their external decoration.