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Volcanic ash, named in her honor

Anna Katherine `Key` Berensmeyer received a bachelor`s degree from Washington University in St. Louis (Washington University, St. Louis). In 1968, it conducted a detailed study Lotagama (Lothagam), Kenyan palaeontological education relating to the period of Miocene and Pliocene. As part of the succession, Berensmeyer identified six specific strata lithostratigraphic units. Later it was a table for 400 fossil specimens collected in 1967, and published the list for the fauna Lotagama in 1976.

As a graduate student at Harvard University (Harvard University) in 1969, Kay was invited by paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey (Richard Leakey) to join his team on the Rights of the geologist and explore Kubi Fora in Kenya (Koobi Fora, Kenya). Accepting the invitation, Berensmeyer discovered cluster of stone tools, which were removed from the volcanic tuff layer of ash from ancient eruptions filled the small paleoruslo. Place called the findings` Kay Berensmeyer` site, and one of the `marking sloev` volcanic tuff - tuff BSC (the first letters of its name). The guns were similar to those discovered by Mary Leakey (Mary Leakey) in Olduvai gorge (Olduvai Gorge). The method of radioisotope dating of the team, it was found that the fossils of about 2.6 million. Years, and it has initiated a serious debate in the scientific community. Subsequently, an independent investigation stopped at version 1.9 mln. Years.

Berensmeyer received his PhD in the field of vertebrate paleontology and sedimentology at Harvard University in 1973. Her thesis was published in 1975. Kay has replaced a number of positions in the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and at Yale (Yale), and has also taught at the University of Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz), before in 1981, started her career at the Smithsonian Institution (Smithsonian Institution) .

Since 1987, Berensmeyer was one of the directors of the program of the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH). This program is engaged in the study of the functioning and evolution of terrestrial ecosystems. In the period from 1993 to 1996 he served as Acting Kay deputy director for science at the NMNH. She was deputy editor in magazines `Paleobiology`,` PALAIOS` and `Palaeoclimates`. From 1985 to 1987-th Berensmeyer was part of the board of editors of the magazine `Journal of Human Evolution`. She has also been an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona (University of Arizona) and George Washington University (George Washington University).

In addition to her research in paleoecology itafonomii fields containing traces of hominids in different areas, including the pool Baringo, Berensmeyer also held a long-term study regularities of the burial of the remains of modern vertebrates in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. The latter finding Kay beginning in 1975, in collaboration with ecologist David Western. In this national park Berensmeyer every five to ten years it conducted a census of live animals and the remains found. The study showed that the fossil animal communities from tropical locations can be used to draw conclusions about the ancient places of their residence and taken into account when postosadochnye taphonomic biases.

Berensmeyer placed in the top 50 `most influential women uchenyh` magazine`s `Discover` in 2002.

Kay married William Keizer. The couple have two children.

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