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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Citizenship : United States

able to feel Clothing

Masters of all `KaufmanFranco` ` composite chastey` its customers the emphasis is on the sensory part ; do not forget about the other elements, they are pushing on the senses, ensuring no incomparable effect.Joint creation Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco - the result of a long, intense and very busy with the creative side of the conversation. Designers to some extent very lucky ; each other, they were able to find quite rare in the vicinity of the soul. Kaufman and Franco share a common approach to fashionable business and general ` fashionable traektoriya`. Both a designer at one time worked in Rome (Rome) on `Valentino`; both had the opportunity to work for a while in America, the project `Ungaro`. We also know that Isaac and Franco previously surveyed a full range of products `Anne Klein` as creative directors. Experience with other major fashion brands and labels much gave designersbut always work under the wing of the other, they were not going to. His own project, `KaufmanFranco`, companions started in the fall of 2004.

Currently, the products `KaufmanFranco` can be described by a number of pretentious epithets. The complex and risky, luxurious and fashionable ,Made by hand and using the highest technology at the same time - all of these words only marginally describe the product offered by the masters `KaufmanFranco`. A combination of different elements allows for a powerful effect; complex, sometimes openly provocative outfits perfect for modern women.

Despite,that the aesthetic sense and the notion of the beautiful and Kaufman Franco practically coincide, some tension between them is almost always present ; however, it is this tension, in many respects and promotes the brand in the creative plan. Conflict helps to generate new ideas ,and common tastes and preferences facilitate the further development of these ideas. A fiery mix of raw and refined, carefully controlled spontannogoi generates incredibly ` goryachie` ideas and masterpieces of the fashion business, it is literally bursting with primal energy and force. One of the fundamental qualities of the brand product `KaufmanFranco` is a unique simplicity of its products. Do not think that the dress from `KaufmanFranco` primitive ; careful study will show you that behind seemingly simple facade lie fairly complex concept. At first glance, however, the simplicity of `KaufmanFranco` seems obvious ;brand clothes do not seek to rivet the eyes of potential buyers with bright colors and fanciful patterns. Only the trained eye will immediately notice the complexity of the cut, is non-trivial choice of fabrics and finishing the most complicated parts; however, as experienced eye already can understand that with `KaufmanFranco` all is not so simple ,as it seems at first glance. The difficulty, manifested in the elaboration of the individual elements, organically fused into something whole, creating a rather elegant, graceful and complicated complex ensembles. Cleverly combining individual elements, the buyer will be able to create a rather unusual and interesting outfit, well suited to its particular purpose ;when some elements of the need can be used in new combinations, revealing more and more uses for brand clothes.

Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco`s work is not so much with the bodies of their customers, but with their souls and feelings ; it is unique in all respects sensuality skvozyaschaya of every detail ,and allows designers to talk about talent `KaufmanFranco`. It is not necessary, however, to think that the master absolutely head in the clouds ; from a technological point of view and Kaufman Franco dress shortcomings also there.

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