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Date of birth: 22.03.1985

Age: 31

Place of Birth: Vancouver

Citizenship: Canada


Kathy Ann Stewart was born on March 22, 1985 in Vancouver, Canada.

Her career began when Katie began to study acting at the Youth Theatre in Vancouver. Then it was not serious for her. However, having become acquainted with the agent to find actors Kathy began to study with great interest and got a job. Soon, Stewart learned everything you need and moved to a full work schedule.

His first role Stewart performed in a promotional video for the `Orca Bay Sports`. And her first appearance on television was in the series `Poltergeist: Nasledie` (Poltergeist: The Legacy). Next to Stewart was followed by roles in the films `Color Me Perfect` and` Zagovorschiki` (Masterminds). In 1996, Stewart performed a very emotional role in the television series `Nifty oschuscheniy` (Intensity).

Truly, her career began to develop after the actress starred in `Ohrannik` (The Sentinel), and` Swept lavinoy` (Survival on the Mountain), and then starred in the film `The Trouble with obezyankami` (Summer of the Monkeys). Then she got a role in the sci-fi TV series `Star vrata` (Stargate SG-1). Periodic role soon became a constant for Stewart since her character was the only crew member who survived.

In summer 2005, Stewart starred in a movie called `She muzhchina` (She`s the Man). Her colleagues on the set site steel Vinnie Jones, David Cross, Amanda Bynes, and many others. As the director of the film was made by Andy Fickman, the account to which matured have been kinomyuzikl `Madness around marihuany` (Reefer Madness).

In winter 2005, shortly after Christmas, Katie received a role in the film, reflecting the true story of the life of a girl who, having gone through a lot of difficulties and problems at a young age, still finds itself. It was a misfortune movie `Avgusta` (Augusta Gone).

`I played Brigitte, Augusta`s best friend. This pattern is very heavy and deep, but on the set of a beautiful atmosphere prevailed, it was really very comfortable to work with. For me it was a great honor to appear in director Tim Matson. He knows how to achieve the set of commands that it nuzhno`.

From August to December 2007, Cathy attended University College, Capilano, at the end of the training program which took place the actress `Wilderness Leadership Program`. This small course helped Katie to improve their skills of acting and return to work with renewed vigor and approaches.

In his free time filming Stewart loves to walk and play sports. In the fall of 2005, when Cathy got the first motorcycle, she often rides on it.

On account of the actress a lot of movies. Here are just some of them, in which Katie appeared in recent years: `Crackers serdets` (I Heart Huckabees),` Dinamit` Napoleon (Napoleon Dynamite), `The Odyssey Billabong` (Billabong Odyssey),` Star reb

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