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Date of Birth: 08/08/1988

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Scotland

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Katie Liu Leung - Scottish actress, best known for playing Cho Chang in the films about the most popular wizard - Harry Potter in `Harry Potter and the Goblet ognya` and `Harry Potter and the Order Feniksa`. Cathy was born August 8, 1987 in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Her father, Peter Ljung - businessman and lawyer. It contains in Glasgow own restaurant, department store and a hotel. Mother Kathy Kar Wai Li Leung, working neurologist. Currently, Katie is living with his father, two brothers and a sister in Battersea in South London. She graduated from one of Scotland`s most prestigious private school - Hamilton College. Now she gets a higher education in the University of the Arts London.

When Cathy`s father saw an advertisement for a casting for a fantasy film by Mike Newell `Harry Potter and the Goblet ognya`, he asked her to try to qualify for the role of Harry`s friends. After a long wait in the queue and a five-minute listening, Katie returned home and waited for the results. On the role of Cho Chang tried out more than 4 million women, and Kathy was not sure of success. But two weeks later, she called back and said that she was approved for the role. According to Kathy, she decided that eeshotlandsky accent helped her achieve the desired.

After filming `Harry Potter and the Goblet ognya` Katie Leung was invited to continue working on the next part of the epic -` Harry Potter and the Order Feniksa`. For the sake of filming Katie temporarily left his studies at the Art College. Kiss of Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and Zhou during the filming of `Harry Potter and the Order Feniksa` in 2008 was marked by the award `MTV Movie Awards`, as` the best kiss on ekrane`.

In July 2007, representatives of the company `Gold and Records` (EMI branch in Hong Kong) was offered to become a singer Kathy starring vmuzykalnom film` Love Coming Home`.

In 2008, Katie Leung was invited to play Hsui Tay in the episode of the detective series `Puaro`, rented by the eponymous cycle of novels of the famous writer Agatha Christie.

Kathy loves music and listens to almost all musical styles including R & B, pop, rock, hip-hop, and in addition, is able to play the piano. At 22, Katie Leung has already received recognition as` the most stylish girl Shotlandii` and award `Young Shotlandets`. In addition, she appeared on the covers of popular magazines such as `Teen Vogue` and` Evening Standart`.

Author: Denis Pravdyuk

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