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Russian-speaking audience Katherine Parkinson is known primarily as Jen Barber - the usual office employee, by the will of the fate of the forced work in the technical department of the series `Kompyuterschiki`. At home, Catherine is much more glorious theatrical roles, among which, by the way, there were roles in productions of Chekhov.

After studying at the school for girls in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, London (Kingston upon Thames, London), and the course in one of the Oxford colleges, Catherine entered the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). Already during his studies - in the second year - Catherine landed a role in setting the professional level. The most famous Parkinson`s role at that time was the main role in the production of `Age soglasiya` (` The Age of Consent`); later she played other major roles - in productions like `Dr. Martin` (` Doc Martin`); with neyblistali level Klunsa Martin Star (Martin Clunes) and Julie Walters (Julie Walters).

In 2007, Parkinson played in a new production of Chekhov`s `Chayki` on the stage of London`s Royal Court Theatre Theatre with Kristin Scott Thomas (Kristin Scott Thomas) and Mackenzie Crook (Mackenzie Crook). At the end of 2009, all the same theater Parkinson played in the acclaimed staging `Cock`.

In 2008, Catherine played in the universe audiopostanovke Kto` `Doctor (Doctor Who); with her playing the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy (Sylvester McCoy).

`Kompyuterschiki` series was released in 2006; Parkinson worked perfectly with my team-mates for the project - Aoyadi Richard (Richard Ayoade) and Chris O`Daudom (Chris O`Dowd). The success of the show waiting for a spectacular - to the beginning of the third season (in 2009) Parkinson`s has become one of the most `dorogih` actresses Channel 4.

For the role of Jane Parkinson has received many prestigious awards - such as `British Comedy` Award in the category `Best TV aktrisa`; It is also known that in 2011 Catherine nominated for a BAFTA.

Of course, along with Jen Barber, Katherine continued to perform other roles - she actively performed in theatrical productions and often appeared in sketches show Katy Brand (Katy Brand) on ITV2 channel. C Brand Parkinson joins the old, ever since Oxford, friendship.

Parkinson had time to work on the radio - in the first place, on BBC Radio 4; she performed in the projects `Laura Solon: Talking and Not Talking`,` Mouth Trap` - in the company of the same brand - and `The Odd Half Hour`.

Together with other well-known comic actress Amanda Ebbington (Amanda Abbington), Parkinson appeared in television commercials `Maltesers`; later, in 2010, has Parkinson alone voiced shampoo advertising campaign `Herbal Essences`.

Iyulya2010 28 th on the screens came the comic show `The Great Outdoors`; Parkinson in this project has got a key role. Theatrical her career and went up the hill - in 2010-2011 Katherine played at the Royal National Theatre (Royal National Theatre) staged `Season`s Greetings` and Barbican Centre in the School skandala`` ( `The School for Scandal`) Deborah Warner (Deborah Warner).

Parkinson starred in the BBC project `The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff` - comedic setting of 4 parts, the first time demonstrated in live BBC Two December 19, 2011-th.

In January of 2012, Catherine had a chance to play a role not so significant, but in a much more well-known projects - Parkinson had the opportunity to play an occasional character in the popular series `Sherlok` (` Sherlock`).

Katherine Parkinson is married to fellow actor Harry Peacock (Harry Peacock); in 2012, Catherine and Harry had a daughter.

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