Katerina Shpitsa

Picture of Katerina Shpitsa

Date of Birth: 10/29/1985

Age: 31

Birthplace: Perm

Citizenship: Russia

When you hear the sound of the shot, the kernel has long since taken off!

Katherine, why did you decide to become an actress, which served as the impetus for this?

- A specific time of the decision, I can not identify, to the current state of things came naturally, albeit accidentally. Until 13 years I lived in a small mining town in the Komi Republic Inta, studied at the experimental French school, where the curriculum is at the upper secondary school type, t. E., Along with the usual general subjects we have been elegant, and other arts. I was engaged in active creative activity: starred in the mornings, always participated in competitions of readers. According to the stories my mother, I was still in the age of two cheered their adult company fables that compose on the move everything in a row, and then in paint telling. The grandmother in the Ukraine, in the village of Stetsovka Cherkasy region, in school years I spent summer vacation, loved to sing ditties from the neighbors when going to gatherings and participate in rural holidays, in general, all the signs of a creative nature have been there, but oddly enough, I do not remember that my family I predicted actor`s future artist, of course, was called as a joke, but nobody, not even myself, then did not think that I will choose this profession. When we moved to Perm (this is my mother`s hometown) and I went to drama school, "CODE" to M.A.Olen