Kate Garraway

Picture of Kate Garraway

Date of Birth: 05/04/1967

Age: 49

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Catherine Mary Garraway was born May 4, 1967. After graduating from the University of Bath with a degree in History and English, Garraway began her career at the leading radio station BBC Radio Oxford, and by 1994 became a trainee at ITN - Independent Television News. Garraway year later moved to the Central News as a journalist, reporter and news anchor and has achieved a leading position of the evening news. On GMTV, where she works today, Kate came in September 2000 and later became the main part of the leading and became very popular among the audience.

In July 2004, on Internet auction 30 thousand people with a rather humorous original fought for the right to buy a banana with the autograph on the skins, which Kate Garraway otkusilapolovinu. As a result of the banana bailed 3000 dollars, which went to charity.

In August 2008, Garraway photograph appeared on the front pages of national magazines. He crouched near the calf, pretending breastfeeding him. It was an advertisement for a documentary about women who fed her milk other people`s children.

As with any public figures, Kate Garraway is constantly discussed at the forum. As a rule, Internet users are wondering what kind of underwear she wears; Does breast presenter actually increased the size of this effect, or a push-up; Is Kate did plastic surgery, and if you did, then that corrected. About her wardrobe Kate tells willingly and describes in detail its contents. Her audience knows that Kate`s 50 pairs of shoes, 20 coats, at least 25 designer handbags and a huge box of white ladies shirt by Vivienne Westwood. But it says nothing about the contents of the linen drawers. Fans are left wondering whether their favorite prefers a leading brand name lingerie from Lise Charmel and Simone Perele, or buying underwear on sales.

Before marriage, Kate lived in Oxfordshire, now - in north London. According to the `Daily Mail`, TV presenter was furious at the commission meeting on re-planning to ban the extension of her house in north London, which was built without a building permit. In 1998 she married TV producer Ian Ramsey. Ramsey, on dvagoda younger than Kate, was her former boss. Four years later they were divorced.

In July 2005 Garruey announced live that marries Derek Draper, a psychotherapist and a lobbyist. They married in September of the same year. March 10, 2006 was born their eldest daughter Mary Darcy Draper. By the way, during pregnancy, Kate underwent the attacks of the press, as she was photographed with a cigarette in his mouth. July 28, 2009 was born William Garraway Draper, son.

Kate very diverse interests. In addition to regular shopping, she is interested in snorkeling and body boarding (a kind of surfing), plays the clarinet and loves going to the movies. Besides, Garraway - passionate cheerleader football team `Gillingham` from Kent.