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How to survive in spite of forecasts of doctors ?Kate Adamson - American, who after severe stroke in a coma, but managed to survive thanks to the support of her husband Stephen. So, in spite of the most unfavorable forecasts of doctors, Stephen literally ` vytaschil` Kate from the other world. Today, Kate - motivational speaker, her example gives people hope and awakens the desire to fight for his life. History Kate Adamson is amazing, as amazing and the fact that today she said it herself, because not so long ago on her literally put paid doctors. Even if it was allowed, and any future, it is, according to doctors, life would be ` ovoscha`.

Family of 33 -year-old Kate Adamson lived in California (California).By American standards, it was a very respectable and happy family - Stephen worked as a lawyer, they grew two charming daughters, they lived in a beautiful house, and nothing seemed to be no signs of trouble. But one morning, when Kate came out of the shower, she suddenly felt dizzy. She could not resist and fell, and when the doctors cameKate has not moved at all - her body paralyzed paralysis. Propane and speech, and only one Kate knew what was going on in her mind and heart. The diagnosis was clear - a stroke.

Later she told me that all this time was in full consciousness, and, despite the defeat ,her mind ruthlessly recorded the happening - that`s from her lungs pumped liquid, but the anesthetic injection to relieve the terrible pain in her head. However, the pain is not held. And she heard the doctors standing over her, saying that her case is quite hopeless. Internally, Kate protested - she could not accept ,that`s how, in 33 years to die, but her body refused to send any signals, and she was forced to lie down meekly and listen to your own judgment.

The fact that there is simply no chance, said doctors and Steven, but he, unlike Kate, could protest and put an end to his young beautiful wife, he did not want to and did not. So,First, he flatly refused to transfer his wife to the hospice. Trained as a lawyer, Stephen knew exactly what to do. He called the insurance company and threatened them that if Kate did not receive all possible treatment, he literally ` zataskaet` them by the courts. At the same time, he urged, and doctors, and insurers ,that the case of Kate will thus miracle - she would pull through. Surprisingly, it was Stephen`s faith, according to Kate, and gave her the best chance of survival, which has already taken away from her doctors, artificial feeding tube disconnected.

At the urging of Steven Keith was transferred to another hospital. He came to see her every day ,long time sitting beside Kate and talked to her as if she hears it and understands. And one day, he noticed that Kate is trying to communicate - it is hardly noticeable blinking eyes. It was a victory. Above the bed, Kate immediately appeared written by Steven Poster : ` This is a man. PLEASE treat her as a person. She understands everything ,WHAT YOU GOVORITE`.

Then there was the beginning of a difficult road - Stephen, like an experienced physician, studied the condition of his wife, he developed a system of signals and learned to communicate with Kate, and he insisted on the fact that she was transferred to a rehabilitation center. Incidentally,it is in a rehabilitation center for the first time, doctors believed in Kate - Stephen managed to get through to them without endangering vessels. They just saw that this disease debilitated young women still have a chance. And work has begun.

In the course of the disease Kate Stephen had to convince so many people ,he even had his own tactic - he always asked for only two minutes of attention, and these short two minutes to convince physicians that Kate will thus miracle, in which we are all so stubbornly refuse to believe. It worked.

Kate recovered - she learned to breathe, swallow, write, speak. Each new case was given to her with difficulty,but she struggled. She struggled and Stephen, who have been thinking about how to convert the house to Kate was in it comfortably. The fact that ` there domoy` was very distant goal, it is generally not thought, because Stephen never doubted that Kate will recover. But for Kate, this goal was difficult, and she moved to her small steps. Yet moving.

Soon, Kate has already started to move with the help of a walker, and then - with the help of sticks. By the way, Kate Adamson stick moves today - and it has to move a lot, because Kate has become very well-known motivational speaker. In his book `Paralyzed but not Powerless` she told the story of his illness and miraculous recovery. The left half of her body is still impressed, however, between the state, when Kate put paid doctors, and its status today - the abyss.

Meeting with people, Kate says that she had to move, says that even ` tam`, still there is hope, hope that you will help to` that storone`. She believesthat she was very lucky with her husband, who not only believed in it, but, being a lawyer, also knew how to fight for her life. And each of his meeting Kate and her husband Steven end reminder that human life - is sacred.

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Kate Adamson picture
Kate Adamson photo
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