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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Citizenship : United States

Rise and Fall of the most talented designers in the turn of the century

When cation Adele opened his own company, we speak about it all at once. The press called it ` New York-based response Stella McCartney (Stella McCartney) `. No sooner had the Adelie open its first store as its regular buyers of steel, for example, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, stars just released movie ` Angels Charli`.

`Katayone Adeli` - American brand of women`s clothing ,young talented designer based cation of Adele in 1997. Cation grown in California (California), but has at the same time, Iranian roots - she was born in Iran (Iran) in 1967 and moved to America at age 10 - and this is an unusual blend of cultures and traditions has resulted over time in its corporate identity - sophisticated elegance ,both simple and complex, surprisingly feminine and restrained at the same time. Total restraint left its mark on the palette, which is usually resorted to fashion - usually color collections `Katayone Adeli` could be described in two words - ` nothing slishkom`.

Before creating your own brand cation he worked in LosAngeles (Los Angeles), the company for the production of sportswear called `Parallel`.

Since 1997 and until 2003 the brand name `Katayone Adeli` associated mainly with excellent sitting trousers that sit perfectly on complex female figures. This basic article of clothing along with other business brand cards ,like tight leather jackets and feminine chiffon dress made `Katayone Adeli` cult brand among celebrities from the world of fashion and film, such as, for example, Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), Christina Ricci (Christina Ricci) and Christy Turlington (Christie Turlington). In 2000, Adele cation launched two lines with more affordable prices, ` 2 by Katayone Adeli` and` 2 Jeans by Katayone Adeli`, and also released a collection of shoes with the legendary shoe designer Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo). New collections were sold in the shops with an impeccable reputation, including New`Barneys` York department stores and ` Harvey Nichols`, as well as in the corporate brand boutique on Bond Street Manhattan, a project that has developed a well-known and successful New York architect Richard Gluckman (Richard Gluckman).

Despite the instant success elusive cation rarely gave interviews ,He refused to organize fashion shows and promote their collections. ` I do not think about how to organize a spectacular fashion pokaz`, - she said. ` I want to make sure that people looked potryasayusche`. Alas, such unsociable, almost unthinkable in the world of fashion, has played a cruel joke with the cation.

One of the latest collections of the brand, Autumn -Winter 2003He received the most favorable reviews, including the magazine `Vogue` pages, but in the same 2003 the designer informed the press that her company closes. According to rumors, in part it was the fact that the financial partner of Adele, a former president of the company `Parallel` Shawn Barron (Sean Barron), it sold part of its shares ,to finance a new project, the company for the production of women`s clothing, shoes and accessories `Joie`. Relationship with the following investor did not work and ended in litigation.

Quick rise to the top of the fashion industry was fraught with danger. Although that mark cation was 200 distributors ,and among them the most respected shops of the country, the industrial part of her company was still in its infancy. Brand could not cope with the growing demand. Adele was trying to keep the entire production under its control, and when it was not possible - and the 18- hour working day, sooner or later it becomes impossible for any person -she preferred to close the company rather than to sacrifice quality or to transfer part of the production under license. In addition, Adele had to settle the problem with investors and tax debts.

Cation was planning to take a short break and return to the fashion scene through a season or two. However, since no one else has seen her new collections

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