Karolina Gershel

Picture of Karolina Gershel

Date of Birth: 03/16/1750

Age: 97

Citizenship: United Kingdom


His last musical performance they gave to William in 1782 when he was appointed as astronomer at the court of George III. Carolina ran the household and his brother helped him to polish mirrors for telescopes. Gradually, she developed an interest in astronomical observations; She began to study the sky with a small Newtonian reflector, and in 1783 opened three new nebulae. Under the guidance of his brother Carolina studied basic mathematics and then independently processed and their monitoring. In 1787, the king appointed her an annual pension of ? 50 as an assistant Astronomer Royal (V.Gershelya).

In 1786-1797 Carolina opened 8 new comets and a few nebulae. She has performed and presented in 1798 Londonskomukorolevskomu society a lot of work - and a pointer to a list of errors to the star catalog Dzh.Flemstida; It was a new additional catalog, which includes 561 star, missed Flamsteed.

In 1822, after his brother`s death, Caroline returned to Hannover and soon completed the preparations for the printing of catalogs of nebulae and star clusters, open V.Gershelem (over 2,500 projects). Carolina also wrote memories about working together with his brother. In 1828, the Royal Astronomical Society awarded her the Gold Medal and elected an honorary member in 1835. In 1838 she was elected an honorary member of the Royal Irish Academy of Sciences. Her name was inscribed on the map of the Moon.

Carolina died in Hanover, January 9, 1848.