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Year of birth : 2010

Age : 5 years

Place of birth : Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship : United States

Great song of a small group

`Karmin` -Musical duo ,

founded in 2010 by two American artists - Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. Play `Karmin` in the genre of pop, and their most famous song to date is` Brokenhearted`, which surely hit the music charts in several countries.Amy Heidemann (Amy Heidemann) and Nick Noonan (Nick Noonan) met each other while studying at the famous Berklee College of Music (Berklee College of Music) in Boston (Boston). They have finished their studies in 2008, and in 2010 was already announced the release of their first EP album titled `Inside Out`.knownAmy and Nick were both born in 1986 and you were growing up - she in Nebraska (Nebraska), he - in Maine (Maine). Both from childhood practiced music, because fate and brought them together in one of the most famous music schools in the country.

The service Reddit `Karmin` have become very popular on the Internet,especially their video titled `Lok at Me Now`.It is believed that the name` Karmin` formed from two words - `` and pesnya` karma` and two members - Amy and Nick - are not only colleagues, but are also a couple, and even already engaged.

Their first contract was signed with the highly respected label `Epic Records`,and it was under this label in 2012 released the album `Hell EP

`Here it is expected their first album under the name` Pulses`, the output of which is scheduled for 2014.

`Karmin` Fans love the duo for their hilarious cover versions of famous pop songs, they are called` small group, create more pesni`,and their music is called `rosy and cheerful pop`. And they are not just for otmechalikritiki `inexplicable obayanie`Which emanates from and fun and at the same time, emotional songs.

Also covers, `Karmin` and write and perform their own songs.

Perhaps one of the most acclaimed songs the duo was the song `Brokenhearted`,which hit the top twenty charts in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand.

Another group song - `Take It Away` -sounded in the NBA Finals in 2011.

It is no wonder that so many of the young group of fans - beauty Amy literally won millions of their overflowing energy and originality of execution known songs. In addition to her Nick -mysterious krasaves excellent voice which, in turn, won the female half of the audience.The duo has already had the opportunity to work with highly renowned producers, and every song in their performance, even if it is well-known hit, sounds alive and in new ways. Fans of the group claim that Amy raps better than many professionals.It is known that in support of their first full-length album `Pulses` planned long tour of the United States, and the tour will begin at the end of January.

By the way, `Karmin` called another group that has managed to gain popularity thanks to the internet, including YouTube. So,despite the fact that the movie with cover ersiyami known songs on the Internet abound, the duo Amy and Nick managed to interest him and his music so much, that their popularity has gone beyond the limits of video services.

So, today the duo `Karmin` tipped a bright future, the army of fans is growing every day,and the musicians are full of bold and ambitious plans.

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