Karla Homolka

Picture of Karla Homolka

Date of birth: 04.05.1970

Age: 46

Place of birth: Port Credit

Citizenship: Canada

The story of a couple of maniacs, sadists

The eldest of three daughters in the family, Charles Lynn Homolka (Karla Leanne Homolka), also known as Charles Lynn Teal (Karla Leanne Teale), was born May 4, 1970, in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada (Port Credit, Ontario , Canada). She studied at the school of Sir Winston Churchill (Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School) and worked part-time at a pet store at a nearby mall. After school, she became assistant veterinarian, replacing two jobs.

In October 1987, at a convention in Toronto (Toronto) Homolka met her future husband, 23-year-old Paul Bernardo (Paul Bernardo). Already on 24 December 1987, Bernardo made her an offer. In the summer of 1990, her lover, just obsessed sister, Carla, said that she should allow him to seduce his sister, if you really love him. Homolka agreed, seeing in this` an opportunity to reduce all risks to a minimum, take control and keep it all in seme`. According to Paul and Carla, in July, they looked after her younger sister Tammy, who cooked spaghetti for dinner, stuffed with Valium, stolen from work, Carla. Bernardo raped Tammy for about a minute before she began to wake up.

Six months before his wedding Homolka stole halothane, means for inhalation anesthesia, from the veterinary clinic. On December 23, 1990, after a Christmas party, Bernardo and Karla stuffed Tammy dlyazhivotnyh tranquilizers, and then together raped her while she was unconscious. Because of poisoning Tammy choked her vomit and died. Bernardo told the police that he was trying to help Tammy, but to no avail, and that it was an accident. Before the arrival of `skoroy` rapists swept all traces of the crime, the person` osvezhili` Tammy victim of a chemical burn, and dragged her into the bedroom.

15 June 1991, two weeks before the wedding, Bernardo, at that time, who stole the license plates to turn the dirty little business with the smuggling of cigarettes, spotted Leslie Mahaffey, who stood at the door of his home in Burlington (Burlington). Leslie told his parents that the Congress say goodbye to his dead friend in a car accident and will be home to 23:00 came back at two o`clock. She chatted with Bernardo and walked to his car, waiting for him to give her a bong. Instead Bernardo shoved her into a car and took to his home for 53 km, where he and Homolka held a Woman hostage for 24 hours, repeatedly raping her. They removed his sadism on the camera, including the scene where Homolka posed in beautiful clothes before raping Leslie began. In the end, they killed her.

Later, Homolka claimed that Bernardo strangled abiding stoned Mahaffey electrical cord. Bernardo also said that she died when he was not in the room, and that Homolka killed Mahaffey haltsiona overdose. They put the body in the basement; The next day relaxed lunch with relatives for Father`s Day and, after Bernardo dismembered the victim of a circular saw, filled with cement mortar pieces and dumped in Lake Gibson (Lake Gibson).

June 29 Two people in a canoe found chopped cement block, stuffing his horrified. Around the same time, Homolka and Bernardo, passing through a ceremony of marriage, riding horse-drawn carriage through the city Niagara-on-the-Lake.

16 April 1992, Homolka and Bernardo arrived at the Church of St. Catharines and spoke to Kristen French. Homolka got out of the car with the card, pretending that they were lost with her husband, and asked for help from the French. Thereafter Bernardo, threatening with a knife, dragged the girl in the car. Several witnesses of what happened at that time simply did not understand the essence of what is happening.

Homolka and Bernardo brought the French in Port Dalhousie (Port Dalhousie), where three days tortured, beat and raped her. Since the couple must beat to spend Easter dinner with their parents, they had soon put an end to the victim. Later, Bernardo claimed that Homolka slammed French mallet when she tried to escape, and then wrapped the noose around her neck and fastened to the chest.

27 th December, 1992, Bernardo severely beat Homolka flashlight, striking the limbs, head and face. She said she was in a car accident, and returned to the work place January 4, 1993. Her colleagues did not believe her story, called her parents, who the next day was taken away from home Homolka. The parents took her to the hospital where her injuries were documented. The victim filed an application to the Regional Police Service Niagara (NRP), stating that her husband beat. Bernardo was arrested, but later released him on bail. A friend who found a suicide note Bernardo, prevented his suicide attempt. Homolka moved in with relatives in Brampton (Brampton).

Her husband was arrested in 1993, after which in 1995 was found guilty of the deaths of two teenagers. He received a life sentence. Homolka posing as `bloodthirsty monstra` innocent victim, struck a deal with prosecutors (subsequently called` deal with dyavolom`) and pleaded guilty in exchange for a 12-year prison sentence. But the video found after the plea bargain, showed the extent to which really Carl was involved in atrocities.

The public was outraged by so much that barely had time to cool down, when in 2005, Homolka was set free. Charles lived in the province of Quebec (Quebec) up to 2007, and then left Canada and arrived at the Antilles (Antilles) with a new partner and a child in her arms. In December 2009, the newspaper `La Presse` stated that Homolka returned to Ontario to study law and living with her new roommate, Luke Magnottoy (Luka Magnotta).