Karl Walenda

Picture of Karl Walenda

Date of Birth: 01/21/1905

Age: 73

Place of birth: Magdeburg

Citizenship: Germany

Creator "Flying Wallenda"

Karl Wallenda (Karl Wallenda, 21.01.1905 - 22.03.1978) - German-American stuntman and a tightrope walker, the founder of the project `Flying Vallenda` - widely known family business tightrope walkers, acrobats and tightrope walkers. We have the most well-known of the great-grandfather of modern Wallenda, Nik Wallenda (Nik Wallenda).

Born Karl Wallenda in Magdeburg, Germany (Magdeburg, Germany). Advocate c circus tricks he started as early as 6 years old. At age 11, Karl Wallenda started performing in local pubs; branded his number was on hand stand on a pyramid from chairs. In 1920, newspaper ad helped Carl to get a job at tightrope walker Vayttsmana Louis (Louis Weitzmann). Initially, Wallenda performed with Luis on the rights of his assistant and assistant; man, however, quickly I learned - and soon was able to launch its own number.

The original troupe included Karl himself, his brother Herman (Herman), aerialist Josef Geiger (Josef Geiger) and a girl named Helen Kreis (Helen Kreis) - future wife of Charles. Newly created company called itself `Great Vallenda` (Great Wallendas) and went on tour across Europe, showing the pyramids and acrobatic tricks on the high wire. Brand of trick has become a three-tier pyramid of three people - Helen stood on the shoulders of Charles, balancing on a chair, held by two cyclists ehavshimi on the high wire.

In 1928 the troupe moved to the United States. Back in 1938, Karl Wallenda planned to show the world a new number - the pyramid of 7 people; implement its plans, however, only succeeded in 1946.

July 18, 1970 the first 65-year-old Karl Wallenda walked on a wire over the gorge Tallulah (Tallulah Gorge) - a gorge about 500 meters wide, formed by the river Tallulah in the US state of Georgia (Tallulah River, Georgia), Over deadly stunt watched in total of about 30,000 people.

In 1974, Karl Wallenda broke the world record, a walk through the high wire of 550 meters (1,800 feet). The new record lasted in `34; beat him, interestingly, another member of the family Wallenda, Nik - he was able to overcome in the same place a distance of 610 meters (2000 feet).

In 1978, the world saw a TV movie `Great Vallenda` (The Great Wallendas) - Karl Wallenda which played a major role. The main theme of the movie was the return of the illustrious family in the world of extreme numbers. Wallenda sharply reduced the number of times back in 1962 - whereas during the unsuccessful numbers killed two acrobats and another was seriously injured. Over time, however, the tragedy was erased from the memory of the audience - and that is more important, Wallenda themselves - and the family decided to return to the `kanaty`.

In a cruel twist of fate after only 38 days after the release of the film in the light, on March 22 th 1978, at the time of the next issue of lost myself, Karl Wallenda. 73-year-old stuntman decided to pass on a wire stretched at a height of 37 meters between the two hotel towers `Condado Plaza Hotel` in San Juan, Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico). Strong wind and committed an error when installing equipment for Wallenda became fatal - he fell from the wire and fell to his death. Record of the last performances of Charles, made members of the local TV station, quickly spread through the world.

At the moment, `Flying Vallenda` continue to actively deliver their dizzying numbers; great-grandson of Karl Wallenda Nik, in no way inferior to his legendary grandfather and constantly demonstrates tricks that probably would have made Carl proud of their child.