Karl Maria Wiligut

Picture of Karl Maria Wiligut

Date of Birth: 10/12/1866

Age: 79

Place of birth: Vienna

Citizenship: Germany


Born in Vienna in the Austrian army military family. In 1884 he entered the military service. In 1889 he was admitted to the Masonic lodge. Among his friends - members of the Order of the New Templars. Since the beginning of the XX century Wiligut began to write poems, stories which take from the local mythology and folklore.

In the First World War he took part in the fighting on the Russian and Italian fronts. With military service he retired in 1919 as a colonel. After the war, reconstruction began Wiligut history and mythology of the ancient Germans. At the same time he began to pursue financial and family problems, as a result of which he was in the madhouse, sure to be a victim of the Masonic conspiracy. In 1924-1927 Wiligut was in a psychiatric hospital in Salzburg with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

In 1932 Wiligut emigrated to Germany, where he met with the Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler, with the patronage of which was appointed head of the Department for the study of the early history (under the pseudonym Karl Maria Weisthor), created especially for him in the framework of the SS. In April 1934 was promoted to SS standartenfuehrer, in November 1934 - Oberfuhrer, and in 1935 - Brigadefuhrer, with the appointment in Berlin.

In 1936 Wiligut with Gunther Kirchhoff within the institute Ahnenerbe began excavations on the hill Murg in the Black Forest near Baden-Baden, where, according to him were the ruins of an ancient settlement irministov. The SS acted as Wiligut irministskogo priest, taking part in the marriage rituals in the SS castle Wewelsburg. He also designed the Death`s Head ring, which Himmler personally awarded distinguished officers. At the same time, he was charged Weisthor analysis of works of Julius Evola.

In 1938, Himmler`s personal adjutant Karl Wolff sought Wiligut wife Malvina and received from her documents and medical examinations, rather hesitate to Himmler. In 1939, Wolf said Wiligut that he fired because of poor health and age.

In 1940 he settled in Austria, where he spent the remainder of the war. After the war, he decided to return to Germany, but died on the way.


Many researchers have noted the similarity of the basic ideas with ideas Wiligut Armanist.

Wiligut claimed to be a descendant of an ancient dynasty of German saints Viligotis that occurred from the union between the air (Asami) and water gods (the Vanir). This relationship supposedly allows him to store in its memory the events thousands of years of history, when the sky was shining three suns, and the earth was inhabited by giants, dwarves and other fantastic creatures. The generic Wiligut secret, according to him, has devoted father, who, along with other long dead, the relatives constantly gives Karl guidance and advice in the form of runic.

Wiligut introduced a new term Irminizm, which stands for the true religion of the German, as opposed Odinism, false religion. He argued that the Bible was originally written in ancient Germans devoted to Germanic god named "Kristen" crucified Wotanists in 9600 BC. e. In the following text of the Bible was falsified by Christians (who borrowed the name "Christie"), Freemasons and Jews.