Karl Ideler

Picture of Karl Ideler

Date of Birth: 10/25/1795

Age: 64

Place of birth: Bentwisch

Citizenship: Germany

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Carl Wilhelm Ideler (Karl Wilhelm Ideler, 25.10.1795-29.07.1860) - German psychiatrist, originally from Bentwisch. The 1820th received his doctorate in Berlin`s Institute of the Friedrich Wilhelm; for several years he practiced across the country - has consistently succeeded such well-known clinics in Germany, as a clinic in Bernau, a clinic in Rathenow and clinic in Genthin. In the 1828th, he returned to Berlin as head of the department of mental disorders in the clinic Charite. The 1840th Karl received a professor and director of the office of a psychiatric clinic. Since 1839 th and until his death he taught at Berlin University. Carl Ideler the nephew of the famous German astronomer Christian Ludwig Ideler.

Ideler is considered one of the most important figures in German psychiatry the first half of the nineteenth century. This era is often called the time of the German romantic school of psychiatry. In his numerous publications Ideler talked about concepts such as the interaction of body and mind, religious mania and religious insanity. Carl has created a number of complex theories about the relationship of disease of the mind and the state of the physical body.

The situation in the Charite at the time was simply barbarous; however, many clinics in Germany at that time practiced hard enough ways to treat mental illness. Ideler not particularly interested in punitive measures to change the situation and he almost did not try. Later William Gresinger defended the improvements in the treatment of patients in the clinic.

Although often referred to as product Ideler unenlightened era of psychiatry, he is the author of several ideas, successfully used in modern psychiatry today clinics in Germany. Ideler carefully analyzed the spiritual experiences of patients and led a number of theses about the emotional component of the human mind; He was sure that unsatisfied passion and desire can cause serious mental disorders. Sami passion Ideler considered as a form of mental anxiety and claimed that doctors need to pay more attention to the most dangerous of these passions, in order to prevent or cure the patient`s possible mental instability. At the same time, Carl Ideler been adept spiritualistic schools - however, this school while swept almost all clinics in Germany - and too actively insisted on the primacy of the spiritual over the physical problems.