Karl Frederick Wilhelm Grossman

Picture of Karl Frederick Wilhelm Grossman

Date of Birth: 12/13/1863

Age: 58

Place of birth: Neuruppin

Citizenship: Germany


Carl was born in a family of German junk; He was one of eight children. In 1876 Grossman got a job as an assistant to the local butcher - and even at this bloody work hit all around incredible cruelty. In general, the further life of Karl Grossman is little known - the investigation failed to ascertain just what it has long been known for a penchant for sadism. With the law he, too, was not all plain sailing - Charles repeatedly arrested for sexual abuse of minors.

21 August 1921 to the Grossman home raided by the police - the neighbors informed the authorities that the apartment of Charles hear screams punctuated the sounds of blows. After searching the room, police found another fresh corpse of a young woman; Of course, Grossman was arrested on charges of murder 1st degree. From further readings neighbors detectives learned that Charles had many girlfriends - obviously not from the higher strata of society; very attentive neighbors even noted that not all guests Grossman saw coming out of his apartment. Detectives continued to investigate - and stumbled upon a shocking details; as it turned out, during the First World Grossman actively selling meat on the black market. Moreover, the killer was even a small stall selling hot dogs. The exact proof that Carl is selling the meat of their victims, and was found; Police, however, this did not doubt. It is assumed that the bones and other inedible parts of the bodies of those killed Grossman dumped into the river.

Exactly how many people killed Carl, unknown to this day - Investigators have found only one body; by circumstantial evidence, experts have found that a week before the arrest Grossman dealt in his room for at least another three girls. Some sources say that Charles was killed, dismembered and sold to unsuspecting citizens, a total of more than 50 women. Police no exact data is not disclosed; it is assumed that at least 26 murders on his conscience Grossman is exactly.

Eventually, Charles was convicted of murder and sentenced to death; sentence, however, the action has not been given - a maniac hanged himself in his cell.