Karl Brandt

Picture of Karl Brandt

Date of Birth: 08/01/1904

Age: 44

Place of birth: Muhlhausen

Citizenship: Germany


Since 1932 - a member of the NSDAP (ticket number 1009617)

Since 1933 - a member of the SA.

Since July 1934 - member of the SS.

Since 1934 - the doctor accompanying the Fuhrer.

In 1940, it included in the Waffen SS.

On July 28, 1942 - authorized, on the September 5, 1944 - Commissioner General of the Health and Medical Services.

On April 20, 1944 - Life-physician of the Fuhrer.

On August 25, 1944 - Imperial Commissioner of Health and Medical Services and the Imperial Commissioner for sanitation and hygiene.

That Brandt first allowed to kill a disabled child at Knauer surname, which initiated the "Shares of euthanasia." special hospitals were selected in which disabled people were killed, mainly by injection, mostly used Luminal, sometimes simply starved. about 5000 were killed in the course of "action" only children. In 1939, Brandt was appointed as one of those responsible for "killing program T-4", whose main objective was the complete destruction of the mentally ill people and psychiatric patients. The category includes the destruction of a fall, even soldiers and people who received injuries during military operations.

Even before Hitler`s death, Brandt was accused in the fact that his wife and children were in the zone of the offensive of US troops and Americans passed secret information. Hitler ordered to convene a tribunal that sentenced Brandt to death for treason. However, thanks to the help of Himmler he was able to avoid the death penalty.

After the war, he was captured by the Allies. It appears as one of the main defendants in the trial of the doctors. Doctors` trial was held from December 9, 1946 to August 20, 1947. Brandt refused counsel and chose to defend themselves. He was charged with the special responsibility and involvement in the crimes. Sentenced to death. Hanged June 2, 1948 in Landsberg prison. His last words were: "Do not be ashamed to go to the scaffold. It`s just a political revenge. I served his country, like many before me ... "Loop pulled his neck, breaking off in mid-sentence.