Karl-alexander Vurtamberskiy

Picture of Karl-alexander Vurtamberskiy

Date of Birth: 05/24/1684

Age: 52

Citizenship: Germany


Carl-Alex & # 769; PDR Vu I & # 769; rtembergsky (German Karl Alexander W & # 252; rttemberg;. May 24, 1684, Stuttgart - March 12, 1737, Ludwigsburg) - Duke of Wurttemberg (since 1733).

The representative of the lateral line of the ruling house of the Dukes of Wurttemberg.

In 13 years, he participated in the war with the Turks under the command of the Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden. In 1699 he appeared at the imperial court in Vienna.

In 1705, under the command of the Austrian commander Prince Eugene of Savoy took part in the War of the Spanish Succession.

In 1712 he converted to Catholicism. In 1717, Carl-Alexander for his services in the war against the Turks received the rank of Field Marshal of the Imperial. After the World in 1719 became the ruler of Belgrade and Serbia.

In 1727 he married Marie Augustine Thurn und Taxis. Children:

Charles-Eugene (1728-1793), Duke of Wurttemberg from 1737 to 1793

Ludwig-Eugene (1731-1795), Duke of Wurttemberg from 1793 to 1795

Frederick Eugene (1732-1797), Duke of Wurttemberg from 1795 to 1979.

In 1731, after the death of Crown Prince Friedrich Ludwig, he became the closest challenger to the throne of Wuerttemberg, who won two years later under the name of Charles I of Alexander.

During the reign of Charles Alexander de facto ruler of the state was Joseph Suess Oppenheimer, with whom Karl Alexander met in 1732 at a resort in Wildbad. In 1737 the Duke secretly participated in a coup in order to establish the country`s Catholicism (according to religious reversals Karl Alexander was obliged to maintain the privileged position of Lutheranism, and Catholic worship was banned everywhere except in the court chapel), as well as against the Landtag, which limited the power of Duke and without the authorization of which the Duke could not publish any law.

At the beginning of 1737 the relationship between Oppenheimer and Duke deteriorated and may Oppenheimer warned Landtag of the impending coup.

March 12, 1737, the night of the coup was to take place, the Duke died suddenly.