Karen Badalov

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Date of Birth: 03/28/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Teacher WTU them. Shchepkina

Author: Igor BIN

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Honored Artist of Russia (2004)

Laureate of the State Prize of Russia (2002)

Never say never"

Karen Badalov was born March 28, 1965 in Moscow. His father, cinematographer, worked for three decades in the film studio. Gorky. He always carried with him his son in an expedition to the shooting. Been Karen and the Altai, and in the Karelian Isthmus and in the Golden Ring. It is only natural that his father was trying to "light up" in the frame of Karen, what he desperately resisted. Fishing, hunting, lakes, rivers and forests were more attractive to the boy, rather than "boring" shoot. In the end, they are so fed up with him that Karen vowed never to make art ...

In high school, Karen Badalov became interested in physics and mathematics, and after leaving school he entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. At first all went well, but in the third year of the Institute became a young man overcome boredom. Once Karen turned up an advertisement for the set in the theater studio in Neskuchny garden, which was called "The Old Park." From that moment began his passion for theater.

"We - Fomenko"

Within the walls of the theater studio, Karen Badalov met with wonderful children, who later became professional artists. After graduation, the young man went with them to act in GITIS, but "failed" to audition. The second time, Karen has prepared more thoroughly. He filed the documents in all college theater, but was aiming seriously GITIS on course to Peter Fomenko, and he was able to enroll in this unique Master ...

It should be noted that the theater teachers do not really favor the age of applicants who already have a degree. In Fomenko this has always been a different approach. Karen Badalov says: "He deliberately took the people, and not clay for his own artistic research. Two of our team had a college education, some have already completed various theater schools. " Badalov classmates were Xenia and Polina Kutepov, Galina Tyunina Madeleine Dzhabrailov, Tagir Rakhimov, Yuri Stepanov, Rustem Yuskaev Kirill Pirogov - all as one, the now famous actors.

In 1993, Karen Badalov graduated from GITIS. Municipal Moscow theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop" was officially organized Just at this time. Most graduates of the course Fomenko became part of the new company. Among them was Karen Badalov. Since it works on this stage.

Over the years, Karen Badalov was played many roles: Pierrot in "The Puppet Show" Doctor in the "barbarians", Grigory in "Vladimir III degree," Jester in "Twelfth Night", Signor Pindemonti in "Egyptian Nights" Berkutov in "Wolves and sheep, "Captain Shotover in" House of Heartbreak "Salt in the" Three sisters ", a number of roles (Prince Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky, Vicomte de Mortemart, Stevens, MD, German) in the play" War and peace. beginning of the novel, "a number of roles (Leporello, Count Nulin, Mephistopheles) in the scenic composition" Triptych "by the works of Pushkin and many others. In 2002, for his work on stage, Karen Badalov (together with four other actors of the troupe) was awarded the State Prize of Russia.

In his interview with the actor admits that he is very close to the school Fomenko, whom he considers a teacher with a capital letter. In an interview with Karen Badalov, once he said: "From what he gives us, I select the most close to me now. What is not close, not discarded. On own experience: everything is useful. We are lucky that he is to us still applies to students at all times teach us. Well, who else of directors will teach me ?! "And the question of how one sentence can be characterized by their creativity, says:" We - "Fomenko". And our theater, to say the least - this way of thinking. "

Since 2009, Karen Badalov engaged in educational activities - teaches acting at the WTU them. Shchepkin.

Kazak Badalov

In the early 90-ies in Russia came documentary filmmaker Paul Povlikovsky working for the Air Force. It is in our country, he decided to shoot a documentary film about the kidnapping in 1978, the tomb of the great comedian Charlie Chaplin. In reality, the kidnappers were Bulgarians and Poles in the film as they become certain persons came from Russia. One of them played Karen Badalov.

The actor recalls, "It was my first film and at once one of the main roles, a very interesting survey, but we do not blaspheme over what had happened, and looked as if from outside."

The film

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