Karel Gavlichek-borovskiy

Picture of Karel Gavlichek-borovskiy

Date of Birth: 10/31/1821

Age: 34

Citizenship: Czech Republic


Born into a merchant family. After graduating from high school in German Brod (now Havlickuv Brod), he studied at Charles University in Prague (1838-1840), then at the Theological Seminary, from which he was expelled for freedom of thought (1841).

The study of languages, literature and history of the Slavic peoples closer together with filolgom, poet and translator J. Jungmann and filolgom and poet P. Safarik. On the recommendation of Safarik I found a place a home teacher in Moscow, where he lived in 1843-1844 years. In those years we began to form his Russophile and Pan-Slavic mentality.

On his return to Bohemia (Czech Republic) took up journalism. With the assistance of F. Palacky he became editor of the Czech newspaper "Prague News" (Pra & # 382; sk & # 233; noviny; 1846-1848) and the literary supplement to her magazine "Ceska vchela" (& # 268; eska v & # 269; ela) . These publications published a series of articles in which he formulated the idea Austroslavism. He served as articles in defense of the liberation struggle of the Irish people.

Since the beginning of the revolution of 1848 left the "Prague News" and founded the political newspaper "Narodne novine