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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was called up to twenty years Alsindor Lew, who was born in New York on April 16, 1947. Brilliantly distinguished himself as a part of the basketball team of the University of California Los Angeles, in 1969, he was invited to the "Milwaukee Bucks", advocated by six seasons. With the growth of 218 cm and a weight of 121 kg, Abdul - Jabbar completely dominated opponents by both boards. Crown reception he had cast a hook ,when Karim received the ball on the three -second zone, with a punch entered into it, pushing a powerful defender of the body, and, poised hand far away and up, guided the ball into the ring.

Winning v1971 year in the " Milwaukee Bucks ` NBA title after the season 1974-1975 Abdul-Jabbar joined the " LosAngeles Lakers " and continued to advocate for the California club for fourteen years until the completion of his career. In the" Lakers " he is still five-time NBA champion. After the NBA a total of twenty seasons, Abdul - Jabbar has left active basketball Only the age of 42. During his career, he set several records of the Association, which to this day remain unsurpassed : scored 38,387 points in the regular season, of which 31 674 points scored in the game, held on-site 57446 minutes of playing time, spent 237 games in the final series, playing in their 8851 minute, he scored the game 4712 points and made 476 blockStarted (blocking enemy shots) .

In the 1969-1970 season `s Abdul-Jabbar he was named rookie of the Association, in the 1971st and 1972nd years he became the top scorer of the regular championships, gaining an average of 31.7 per game and 34.8 points, respectively, in 1976. He has appeared on most rebounds the ball - at 16.9 per game. Six times - in 1971, ` 72, ` 74, ` 76, ` 77 and ` 80 years - Abdul-Jabbar was named best player of the regular season, but in the 1971st and 1985th years became the best player of the finals. All the years of performances Kareem Abdul Jabbar scored 38,387 points and made 17 440 rebounds the ball and gave 5,660 assists

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar picture
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