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The most expensive belt in the world

Sometimes the luxury of simply shouting about themselves, such as ,gold covers for phones, inlaid with diamonds and emeralds, in the hands of the rich eastern. Sometimes a luxury - it is barely audible whisper delicate, like a logo on the lining of bags `Hermes Birkin`. But there is also a luxury, discreet prying eyes, as is the case with, say, belts `Kale Miles`. But who, other than the owner may knowhow much is the thing by which, with his pants do not fall down ? But sometimes normal, seemingly, the belt is more expensive than a car.

`Kale Miles` - US manufacturer of accessories for luxury men.

It is a small company that produces handmade belts and bracelets ,each of which can be considered as a work of art, as is the example of craftsmanship and unique design. This is really exclusive leather and metal accessories for the most discerning buyers. Assortment `Kale Miles` very small, but even in this case, the customers have to wait, as each belt ,for example, it is made individually for about three weeks, and there are no two identical.

The co-founders of the company have become Miles Kale (Kale Miles) Miles and Bill (Bill Miles), the position of the designer takes Pitanello Boston designer Kristina (Kristina Pitaniello), for a long time working with luxury. The appearance of the company `s founder explained that he had long sought, but never found a suitable belt for himself. All of them something was missing. Then he had no choice but to start their own business, a small company that will produce the perfect accessories for men - luxurious but discreet, stylish, fashionable and elegant. And most importantly - from superior materials.

Usually belts `Kale Miles` cost from 180 to 380 dollars. Each model has several variants - different skin colors, different metal buckles, different sizes. However, in 2008 `Kale Miles` presented a collection of belts, the cost of which has since been changed - and six years ago ,and today each such strap will cost its owner at 18 000 dollars. Then I do not write about the company except the laziest fashion magazine, and belts `Kale Miles` immediately entered the lists of the most expensive ` gentlemen naborov`. What makes these belts such, to put it mildly, not cheap ? This becomes clear from the name of the collection - `Platinum`.Each of the belt buckle has a platinum weighing about 200-230 grams. The skin for belts supplies British tannery, which claims to be the oldest in the world - it seems that it works ever since as Albion was conquered by the Roman legions. The skin is taken from a certain place on the skins of cows a certain breed. Standard pieces of skin of cattle worth several hundred dollars, but for the skin, which is on the straps `Kale Miles`, the company pays a thousand.

Customers can order a belt by phone or through the online store. Clients are usually asked to add about five centimeters to the normal size of their seats, because if the belt is too big will ,it can always be reduced, but if it is small, will have to start all over again. Well, apart from the buckle, of course. Buckles makes Christina in his Boston studio, reveal skin belt manufacturing and final assembly shop has been in Maine (Maine). All operations are carried out manually.

Usually,ordinary inexpensive belts are several synthetic skin and filler strips sewn or glued together. Belts companies `Kale Miles` - is the skin in a single layer, a thick but flexible, which will retain its shape for several decades, so the price of a couple hundred dollars is fully justified. The company uses organic dyes extracted from plants, and they, too, oddly enough, hold much better than their chemical counterparts. However, the treatment of such skin pigments takes about a year, rather than a few days, which also affects the price. leather belt Weight of each `Kale Miles` is about 250 grams - conventional belts half.

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