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Date of Birth: 06/05/1935

Age: 81

Place of birth: Tkibuli

Citizenship: Georgia

Kakha Kavsadze From Abdullah to Don Quixote

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

The history of the famous Georgian actor should start with a story about the family. His grandfather, Sandro Kavsadze, Tiflis seminary student, at age 18 became the head of student choir, which sang and boy names Dzhugashvili. Soon after they parted ways, Joseph entered politics and founded the People`s Sandro Song and Dance Ensemble. In 1938, they met in the Kremlin, Stalin warmly welcomed former schoolmate, and when he got a month to the hospital with a fatal disease, wrote him a friendly letter offering assistance.

After the death of the elder Kakhidze ensemble headed by his son Dato, who not only maintained a high level of ensemble, but he wrote the music for it. Kavsadze wife worked as a doctor, and his sons Kahi (5 June 1935) and Imeri, inherited the family love of music, studied at a music school for gifted children. Early childhood Kakha took place in the house where lived the stars of the Georgian stage and cinema, and his girlfriend was Sophiko Chiaureli. In 1941, David Kavsadze went to the front, and after the Kerch-Feodosia landing his family came to funerals. However, it turned out to be wrong - badly wounded Dato was in German captivity, and then in a concentration camp. The news of this reached the Georgian emigrants living in Paris, and they managed with great difficulty to liberate his fellow countryman. After treatment Kavsadze took up close to it all - the creation of baked-Georgian dance ensemble. After receiving permission of the German command, he selected for him under the guise of war-Georgians are many other nationalities, including without musical abilities.

In 1945, despite warnings from friends, Dato decided to return home, but was arrested on his way. Children excluded from the music school, the family was evicted from the fashion house, and my mother had to return the money paid for the deceased husband. Despite the extremely difficult conditions, Imeri managed to complete his musical education and became a singer, and Kahi graduated from mathematical school. However, neither science nor technology he did not have to deal with.

At school he was invited to audition for the film, and while filming prevent sports injuries, after receiving the diploma, he enrolled at the Theatre Institute in Tbilisi. In the second year of Kakha I met with Bella Mirianashvili, which later merged his fate, and also starred in an episode of his first film `Song Eteri`. A tall young man with chiseled features and a beautiful voice attracted the attention of filmmakers and steel often invited to the shooting, however, in small roles.

In 1959 Kavsadze joined the troupe of Rustaveli Theatre in Tbilisi. Among the many roles played by them at this stage, highlights from Simon Chachava `Caucasian Chalk kruga` with which the theater has toured several times. After graduation in the same theater came Mirianashvili Bella, which by this time has acted in film `The first day, the day posledniy` (1959) and immediately became a star of the troupe. In the life of a young actress was a period of close collaboration with the director Tumanishvili and failed marriage, from which was born the daughter of Nana, and she was in no hurry to marry again.

It is not known how many lasted `gostevoy` relationship between Bella and Kakha, if it is not decisively put an end mother actor. Following a joint feast of representatives of both families and Kakhidze Mirianashvili they began to call themselves husband and wife, although the official registration took place much later, due to the need paperwork.

In 1968 Kavsadze received an invitation to a film tentatively called `Save garem`. To the surprise of the actor, who went never on horseback, he was offered once to gallop on horseback - and trial was a success! However, the shooting of the film, which was later called `White Sun pustyni`, were in very difficult conditions. The original plan assumed the director gunfight Sukhov and Abdullah and gangster scene of death, lamented his wives. However, at the insistence of many cinematic scenes Commission had to re-shoot. Although `White solntsu` gave only the second category of rolling, it became a cult for several generations of viewers.

However, dlyaKahi Kavsadze joy of success mixed with bitterness. Shortly before the start of filming Bella pregnant son of Heraclius, seriously ill with the flu, and two years later he found that loses its ability to move. Heaviest mielopoliradikulonevrita diagnosis doctors were not able to recognize, and in 30 years the talented actress was in a wheelchair. It was not in 1992. During this time Kavsadze played many roles in the films. `Melodies of the Vera kvartala` (1973, dance teacher),` Tree zhelaniya` (1973 Iorami), `Pokayanie` (1984 Korisheli) became the pride of the Soviet and Georgian cinema. Great popularity enjoyed the comedy television series` The Adventures of featurettes on doroge` (1974-1980). The television series` The Life of Don Quixote and Sancho Pansy` (1988) with Kakha Kavsadze starring in a sense summed up the whole cinematic era.

During filming, the actor is not only lost to his youthful physique and hold it for 4 years, and studied all that has been written about his hero. in the eponymous film in 1992 following a bright actor role was Ivan the Terrible Year, where the actor played both the role of the Blessed. Since 2000, the actor was mainly in the series. Despite its venerable age, the actor continues. In 2016 it is planned to show the film `Teli and Toli` where it takes a central role.

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