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Date of Birth: 04/11/1976

Age: 40

Birthplace: Johannesburg

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Justine Waddell was born November 4, 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa). Her mother Kathy (Kathy), nee Gallagher (Gallagher) - designer of South African origin, who also ran a small workshop in Soweto (Soweto). Justin`s father, Gordon H. Waddell (Gordon H. Waddell) - Progressive MP of Scottish descent, one of the directors of the British transnational corporation `Anglo American PLC`, as well as the former captain of the Scottish rugby team. When Justin was eleven years old, Gordon Waddell moved his family to Scotland (Scotland), and four years later they moved to London (London). Justin - the only actress in the family, but grew up with three sisters and a brother. She studied sociology and political science at the College of Emmanuel (Emmanuel College) University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge) and also participated in student productions, allowing Justin to take a decision about the direction of his future career.

Justin has always divided his time between film, TV and theater stage. To date, the record of the actress - the role of Sasha (Sasha) in Chekhov`s `Ivanov`, staged in 1997 on the stage of London`s Almeida (Almeida Theatre), where Waddell had a chance to play with Ralph Fiennes (Ralph Fiennes) and Bill Paterson (Bill Paterson); Nordston Countess (Countess Nordston) in `Anna Karenina,` (Anna Karenina) in the same 1997; Tess (Tess) in `Tess of the genus g Erbervilley `` (Tess of the d `Urbervilles) in 1998; Julia Bertram (Julia Bertram) in `Mansfield Park (Mansfield Park) in 1999; and finally, Nina (Nina) in Chekhov`s `Chayke` for which Justin was nominated for the British theater award` Ian Charleson award`.

In 1999, Waddell played Estella in `Great Expectations` and Molly Gibson (Molly Gibson) in the TV mini-series` The wives and daughters of `(Wives and Daughters), for which she won the award of the Guild of television and radio journalists (Broadcasting Press Guild) for `best Actress rol`.

Then she landed the role of Mary Heller (Mary Heller) in the American film Dracula 2000 `` (Dracula 2000).

In 2002, Justin starred in the British romantic comedy `The One and Only`.

She won the award `Prism Award` `for `Best Actress for her portrayal of Natalie Wood (Natalie Wood) in the` Mystery of Natalie Wood `(The Mystery of Natalie Wood), a TV movie in 2004.

In 2006, she and Jason Statham (Jason Statham) and Ryan Phillippe (Ryan Phillipe) played in the movie `Chaos `(Chaos); and starred with Lee Pace (Lee Pace) in the adventure drama fantasy directed by Tarsem Singh (Tarsem Singh) `` Outland.

In 2011, Justin starred in the Russian fantasy film `Mishen` (Target) director Alexander Zeldovich (Alexander Zeldovich) on the script by Vladimir Sorokin (Vladimir Sorokin), for which the actress had to learn Russian from scratch. The world premiere of `` The targets took place at the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlin International Film Festival). Last Work Justine Waddell in the film - a British comedy Killing Bono `` (Killing Bono), directed by Nick Hamm (Nick Hamm).

Author: Elena Murzina

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