Justin Gomersall

Picture of Justin Gomersall

Age: 43

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The motivation for losing weight minus 40 kg for the sake of his wife and children

In January 2014, Justin has reached its worst maximum weight - 127 kg. Such a deplorable state led a few years the use of fatty food takeaway and a complete lack of physical activity.

Doctors warned that this figure carries serious damage to the health of Justin, who has already started to realize it himself, not being able to play with their children and go on family walks.

Intention to lose weight was strengthened when he tired of sleeping separately from his wife, 35-year-old Frankie.

My wife almost threw him out of the family bed, after she was tired to put up with terrible snoring Justin arising from him due to obesity.

Gomersall joined the group losing weight on the program `LighterLife` in January 2014.

He says: `Problems with weight began in podrostkovomvozraste. The situation worsened when we were born deti`.

`I have already had an unhealthy craving for food. In combination with my work at home and practice uminaniya everything nedoeli children, my craving gradually led me to a point exceeded 120 kg `.

`For years, my health, my parents cared. When they are gone, concerns fell on the shoulders of my brother and my sister `.

`At the end of 2013, I made shopping to buy a pair of jeans in the central store. I tried to pull the jeans of the big size, but they do not come to me. I asked the saleswoman if more size is, and she said otritsatelno`.

Gomersall continues: `The problem is hidden in the fact that I kakoy-to least looked at his fortune through his fingers, and even my wife never realized how much I `stout.

`At that time I did not realize how swollen, and my weight affecting my family life. Any physical activity appeared to me a real torture, and so I could not play with my children as I would hotelos`.

`I slept separately from his wife of eleven years - iz-za my snoring and we rarely spend family events together `.

Currently, Justin runs almost five kilometers every day and swims 30 times up and down the entire length of the pool five times a week. He was even preparing to take part in the race on the bike, `From the north to the south of the UK `, the proceeds from which will go to charity.

Speaking about his transformation, Justin adds: `Soon I came to below her target weight. Middle-aged man, 127-pound, sugrozoy heart attack, turned into a 85-pound new husband to the wife`s dear to twelve years and a new father for two children `.

`Life has become much krashe` - says Gomersall.

`My terrible snoring stopped. Eleven years later, my wife and I again began to share one bed. My whole family - in the seventh heaven. Our family life is now better than ever libo`.

`Now I can run and play with my children, they wear down even before they menya`.

`3 July 2015 the first team and I` Team Numbnuts `, consisting of eleven middle-aged men, put on Lycra and go biking from Lands End to John O` Grots to raise money for the four great charities ... ` .

`Our goal - to overcome the threshold of 100 thousand pounds sterlingov`.