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Date of Birth: 10/31/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Nanaimo

Citizenship: Canada


Justin Chatwin - Canadian actor, born 31 October 1982 in the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Widely known for his role in the sci-fi blockbuster Steven Spielberg`s `` War of the Worlds, The Invisible thriller `` comedy and drama `Halfway to nowhere `.

Higher education Justin Chatwin from the University of British Columbia, where he studied basics of trading activities. While studying at the university, he became interested in film and began taking acting classes in their free time.

His acting career Justin Chatwin began in 2001 with the participation in the TV show `` Secrets of Smallville, in the role of Jeremy Creek, and a small role in the sci-fi TV series `` The mysterious path. In the same year the debut of Justin on the big screen. He got a bit part in the musical comedy `` Josie and cats.

During the next biennium Chatwin played bit parts in various television series, including `just cause` 2001, which acted as Shane Martin, `City Demons 2: The darkness comes the` 2002, which played the role of Barry Bowers, and `Kidnapped` 2002, where he played Clawson.

In 2003, Justin Chatwin decided to move to Los Angeles. The solution turned out to be true, and dreams associated with the City of Angels, soon began to come true. As early as next year on the screens out three projects with the participation of Justin: drama series `` Traffic, where he played the role of Tyler MakKeyya and feature films: family comedy `Superdetki: Geeks 2 `and the thriller` `Taking Lives.

Family comedy `Superdetki: Geeks 2 `, in which Justin played the role of Zack, received mixed reviews from critics and earned him the desired success. But in the thriller Dzh. D. Caruso `` Taking Lives Chatwin, who plays Matt Soulsbi, had a chance to work on one platform with Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke.

In 2005, in the drama `Chamskrabber` Justin Chatwin played Billy. This role was the first major success and his work.

World fame descended on Justin after filming the sci-fi thriller `` Oscar-winning Steven Spielberg`s `` War of the Worlds, which became the third film adaptation of the novel by the legendary English writer HG Wells. After grueling auditions and trial, Justin Chatwin landed the role of Robbie, the son of the film`s protagonist, played by Tom Cruise.

The following year, Justin was invited to play a leading role in the thriller `` Invisible. The film tells about the unenviable fate of the student Nick, whose soul was lost on the absurd coincidence between the world of the living and the dead. And the only girl, which caused such a situation, can save it and get back to life.

In 2008, Justin Chatwin starred in the role of Ben in the comedy drama John Stokuela `Halfway to nowhere `. This work has secured the glory Justin talented and diverse actor.

In the sci-fi thriller by James Wong`s 2009 `Dragonball Evolution`, grossed about 57 million dollars, Justin played a leading role - the alien Goku. According to the script of the film humanoid alien Goku is sent to Earth to destroy humanity, it passes to the side of the earthlings and begins to protect them from alien invasion.

Also active in film, Justin also performed a number of interesting roles on television, including the miniseries `` Taken and exciting adventure series `` Lost.

In 2011, it is expected to yield action adventure Jeff Vulnafa `Riding the Pine`, in which Justin Chatwin will play a major role.

Author: Denis Pravdyuk

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