June Gable

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Date of Birth: 06/05/1945

Age: 71

Place of birth: New York

Nationality: Suriname


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Born June Gable - while still Golub June (June Golub) - New York (New York). Acting girl studied at Carnegie Melloun (Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh).

She began her career on Broadway June. In total, she had to play in four different productions. Especially noteworthy role in the supplied 1974 Candide `` ( `Candide`) - for her Gable was nominated for `` Tony in the category `Best Actress` musical; Unfortunately, it failed to win - the award went Janie Sell (Janie Sell). In addition, June Keane played the role of Snooks (Snooks Keene) project in the legendary `Moose Murders`, published in 1983 and closed after a single performance. It is possible that due to the catastrophic failure of the `Moose Murders` actress and decided to leave the scene and try himself in another area - on the small screen.

On television, Gable, unfortunately, succeeded little more. It began in 1977 when she was invited to a new (and not so long lived) version of `Rowan & Martin` s Laugh-In `. In June 1979, he played Rod Rooter (Rhoda Rooter) in a video message at the time the project studio `Hanna-Barbera` `Legends of superheroes` ( `Legends of the Superheroes`). Then there were the occasional role in quite a popular series like `Miami Vice: Department of manners` ( ??`Miami Vice`) and `Kate and Allie` ( `Kate & Allie`). In the period from 1996 to 2003, Gable worked in the comedy series `` Friends; she played Estelle Leonard - the agent of one of the main characters, Joey Tribbiani (Joey Tribbiani), brilliantly executed by Matt Leblanc (Matt LeBlanc). It should be noted that in one of the episodes of the show the actress got another role - she played a nurse who helps with the birth of one of the heroines. Around the same time, Joon performed bit parts in other comedy series - in particular, `Barney Miller` ( `Barney Miller`) and `Dream On`.

His last role, the actress performed in 2003 - it was the same Estelle. Unfortunately, since June Gable was not filming any movies or on television; same stage of her career was interrupted before that - in 1983.

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