Julietta Hering (kazakevich)

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Date of Birth: 05/23/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Bobruisk

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Juliet Goering (Kazakevich) was born in 1976 in Bobruisk. Such original name she received through her grandmother, who insisted that the girl`s parents named Juliet.

After high school, Juliet entered the State University of Culture in the Course G. Borovik. "What the hell did I ran to enroll in a theater, I do not understand, but chose this path without hesitation," - says the actress. Here, in the walls of the university, Juliet met her future husband. Their relationship developed very dramatically, with quarrels and disputes. But in the end, the young understand that they can not live without each other.

From Minsk to Moscow

After graduating from university in 2000, Juliet Goering arrived in Minsk Youth Theatre and later moved to the Drama Theatre. Gorky. Great success is not achieved actress. In addition, for a while she even had to leave the scene iz-za pregnancy. However, there was a moment when Juliet wondered what to choose - their children, or career. But sanity prevailed. Juliet left the child and are now very happy that I came this way. Son they called Peter.

In 2007, Juliet Goring moved to Moscow. She enrolled in the RATA (the workshop IL Raihelgauz) and at the same time she joined the theater "School of Modern Play". The actress plays in the performances: "The Seagull. This operetta "," City "(Wife)" Bad advice "," Moscow. Psycho "(woman at the bar and at the wedding)," came a man to a woman. The new version "(Model).


For a long time Juliet Goering played in the movie cameo. Her first big job was the role of Nina Volkova in melodramatic series Mikhail Shevchuk "Hate." The fame of the actress brought the series "Margot", where she played Elvira financial magazine director Mokritsky, emotional woman, bitchiness and somewhat unfortunate. Juliet Goering acknowledged that the shooting in "Margot" were given to her is not easy, because she had to pass through itself the nature of her character. After one scene where her character on-screen husband quarreled with iz-za money Juliet three days could not recover. She was shivering and fever: the actress is so accustomed to the role.


Male actor Juliet Goring did not become. It is engaged in the construction business. Juliet says of his wife, as a wise and patient man. And how else, when you have a wife - a young and beautiful actress. "In fact, many times I cheated on him, however, on the stage, that a wife has had to hang for a long time", - laughing, said Juliet.

He is the first and most important art critic of his wife. "I have been ill with pathos. My husband, as soon see that I grow `horns celebrity ", once their chops off, so the" star "dream is not necessary", - says the actress.


2002 Drilling

2003 Hotel "Execution of desires" (Belarus)

2004 Little Fugitive (Belarus)

2004 Wild animals World (Belarus)

2005 Father`s House (Belarus)

2005 Men do not cry-2 - TV series

2005 Sunday in the women`s bath - TV series

2006 Last armored train (Russia-Belarus) - series

2006 Letter to Fellini (Belarus)

2006 Invisible region (Belarus)

2006 Love and Mary fears

2006 Your Honor

2006 Franz + Polina

2007 Smersh - series

2007 Panther

2007 Whirlpool

2008 New Year Adventures in July (Belarus)

Hate 2008 - series

2008 June 41 th (Russia-Belarus)

Margot 2009 - series

2010 Drilling-2 - TV series

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