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Date of Birth: 11/21/1941

Age: 75

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Marion Mills Juliet (Juliet Maryon Mills, 21.11.1941) - British actress.

Mills was born in London, during the Second World War; however, almost immediately after her birth parents - playwright Mary Hayley Bell and actor John Mills - moved with his family to the countryside in order to protect themselves from the bombing. Juliet - older sister of actress Hayley Mills and director Jonathan Mills. Her parents were quite well-known personalities, so that the girl from his childhood was surrounded by such popular actors as Rex Harrison, David Niven and Marlon Brando; her godmother was the star `` Gone with the Wind Vivien Leigh, and godfather - playwright Noel Coward. The girl studied at the ballet school Elmhersta in Camberley, Surrey. From 1961 to 1964th she was married to Russell Ahlquist Jr.; the couple had a son, Sean. In 1975 the actress married Michael Miklendu - the fruit of this marriage was the daughter Melissa. In 1980 Juliet once again was married - this time with a young guy, Maxwell Caulfield. The difference in age is not specifically prevented the pair; Caulfield even fathered a daughter from his second marriage, Juliet.

Initially career as an actress not particularly attracted Mills; She seriously thought about the role of nuns. For the first time she tried to play, however, still a child, in the film of 1942 `In Which We Serve `(` In Which We Serve `) - by the way, the main role in the film played by her father. However, after her younger sister Haley succeed as an actress in Disney movies - particularly Pollyanna `` ( `Polyanna`) and `The Parent Trap `(` Parent trap `) - Juliet she decided to join the family business. The first major role she played in the sixteen in the play `Exercise for five paltsev` (` Five Finger Exercise`). The author of this play was a famous playwright Peter Shaffer; setting year ispolnyalasv London and then moved to Broadway. Despite her young age, Mills in the 1960th nominated for `` as `Tony for Best Actress in an artistic statement `. The scene, however, its activities are not limited to the time - were she and film works, such as westerns `rare breed of` ( `The Rare Breed`) c James Stewart. Sama Mills argues that the pinnacle of her career at the time was a picture of 1972 `Avanti!` Directed by Billy Wilder and Jack Lemmon in the title role; for this work in 1973-th actress nominated for `Golden Globus`.

Indeed Juliet became known after starring in the American television series 1970 `The nurse and professor` ( `Nanny and Professor`) - where she performed the role of a US counterpart Mary Poppins. Mills told me that she always believed in magic - the witches, fairies, and so on. This role earned her another nomination for `` Golden Globe. Proektprinimalsya well, but was only on the air from 1970 to 1971-th and then was moved to a less favorable time and, after the fall of the law-governed ratings, generally taken off the air.

In 1974, the actress received the award `` an Emmy for Outstanding Single `Actress Actor in a Comedy or Drama Series for her role in` `QB VII`.

In 1980 Mills returned to the stage, playing in the formulation of `The Elephant Man `(` Elefant Man `) with Maxwell Caulfield. It was then, and broke their romance. After his third wedding, Juliet left the scene and fully focused on supporting initiatives spouse.

In 1999, Mills has played in the daytime drama `Strasti` (` Passions`); for this role it is the first time in my life has been nominated for the award `Emmi` day.

The 2009th Juliet joined the team of the fourth season of the ITV channel `` Wild at Heart; a role she had before played her sister Haylie.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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