Julie Isabel Bishop

Picture of Julie Isabel Bishop

Date of Birth: 07/17/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Lobetal

Citizenship: Australia


Julie Bishop (Julie Isabel Bishop) was born in 1956 in Lobetale (Lobethal), Australia. She studied at a girls` school St Peter`s Collegiate Girls` School, then at the University of Adelaide (University of Adelaide), and then, in the 90s - at Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School). Bachelor`s degree in law obtained in 1978.

After studying Julie Bishop started to practice law in the firm `Mangan, Ey & Bishop`, which was a partner. In 1983 Julie married Neil Gillion (Neil Gillion), the marriage lasted five years. Once married, Bishop moved to live in Perth (Perth), where he soon won the partnership in the law firm `Clayton Utz`.

In 1996, Julie took a 3-month leave, during which she studied at the Harvard School of Business in an accelerated program.

Bishop`s political career started in the late 90s; in 1998 it became a delegate to the Constituent Assembly, and months later became the candidate of the Liberals in the Parliament. In 2003-2006, she held positions in the Ministry of Education and Science. In the election of 2007, Julie Bishop has received a sufficient number of votes for the post of leader of the Liberal Party and became vice-chairman of the opposition in Parliament Aavstraliyskom.

In 2010, Bishop hit the center of public and political attention, accusing Australian authorities of hypocrisy. She criticized the decision to send a representative `Mosada` the Israeli embassy in Canberra due to its intended use in the liquidation of the Palestinian terrorist Australian passports.

Julie Bishop, literally said in an interview: `It would be naive to believe that Israel - the only country in the world, the security services which use fake passports, including avstraliyskie`. Moreover, the Bishop replied in the affirmative to the question of whether Australia`s intelligence agencies used fake passports in its operations.

This statement has caused extreme dissatisfaction with the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rude (Kevin Rudd), who said that the Bishop broke the old rule of Australian politicians - not to comment on the actions of the security forces and not focus any attention on this topic. He described the performance as the Bishop damage to Australia`s national interests.

In his defense, Julie Bishop said Australia did not blame exploration in the use of forged passports, but only noted that among the myriad of false passports, which at all times was used by foreign intelligence services, could be Australian.

It is known that beyond political debate and public tribunes Julie Bishop - an active supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a lot of time to the sport.