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Date of Birth: 06/20/1972

Age: 44

Citizenship: Russia

Life is like a novel,

Julia Lemigova was born June 20, 1972 in the family of a Soviet soldier. However, her grandfather was a French nobleman, the Marquis de la Turner, a military specialist qualifications. After the Revolution he served in the General Staff of the Red Army, and his son, Julia`s father, took his wife`s surname. About his childhood Julia says little, but we know that her love affair with a famous film director Alexander Stefanovich started when she was still a schoolgirl (but claimed that she is older). Stefanovic, who was considered the godfather of many stars, including Diva Soviet music of Alla Pugacheva (second husband of which he was), praised the charm, beauty and elegant manners of the girls. He gave Julia to work in `` Idols, one of the first in the USSR model agencies, and became the organizer of her participation in beauty contests. In 1989 Lemigova reached the final of the competition `Moscow krasavitsa`. At the reception after the event went to Yulia famous ballerina Ekaterina Maximova and predicted that the girl has a great future. The following year, Julia took part in the contest `Miss SSSR`. Alexander Stefanovich did everything possible to ensure the victory of his protege, but the jury announced the winner of the Maria Kezha from Belarus. Stefanovic was furious, but he calmed by the fact that under the terms of the contest winner was required to sign a long-term promotional contract with Dutch firm-sponsored `O` Neil `. And after a while it turned out that Mary Kezha married, after which the title of Miss USSR-90 moved to Julia Lemigova.

Together with Stefanovic Julia went on a cruise to Europe. In Paris, she met with his family de la Turner, who confirmed the relationships with her and were allowed to take their name and signed a contract with London-based modeling agency `Storm`. Soon Stefanovic went on shooting a new film in Sweden and Lemigova modeling agency sent in for the contest Miss Universe-91 in Las Vegas, where she became the second runner-up. The success helped Julia fame in the modeling business. She settled in Paris, held a course management in the University of Paris and opened her own spa `Jolya`, and then - and even cosmetics company `White Russia`.

In 1999 there was the first tragedy in the life of the well-known model. Julia was in a relationship with the vice-chairman of the National Committee of Sports Boris Fedorov. During their joint visit to Moscow Fedorov was found dead in his cottage, and, apparently, to this were related criminal organizations, with which he was associated. At this time Yuliyauzhe was pregnant by French banker Edouard Stern. After the birth of his son Maximilian Stern annulled their marriage. Once he returned home, Julia saw that her son was dead five months, and recently hired a nanny, a Bulgarian disappeared. Julia was taken into custody while the investigation initially accepted the version of the careless handling of a child, it became clear that he was intentionally killed, and the most probable motive was the property of the Stern Review, which had the right to his recently born son. The case was closed in 2002. Subsequently, it was implicated lover Stern artist Cecile Brossard, who extorted and Stern Lemigova money for information about the child`s murder, and in 2005 the banker shot at very unseemly for him circumstances - bound during sadomasochistic orgy. The story received publicity scandal, court hearings were held behind closed doors, and Brossard was sentenced to relatively short period of time. Julia, who got into the list of suspects, and in this case, did not stay alone - the tabloid tabloids even called it the hunter for the rich states, that she never knew how to properly dispose of.

In 2004, former model had a daughter, and in 2009 - another, and Lemigova silent about the fact of who it their rodila.Bolee addition, there is reason to believe that Julia was disappointed in men.

In 2009, Martina Navratilova, famous not only victories in tennis, but the scandals with his many friends, said on the TV show `I -` celebrity that she has a new and very beautiful girlfriend. Soon Navratilova and Lemigova seen together on the French Riviera, at the hands of the two women were wedding rings, then there is evidence that they live together. However, the life of a pair of celebrities was not so easy. In 2010, at Navratilova was diagnosed breast cancers, and it passed the most difficult course of treatment. Yulia around girlfriend supported and cared for her, and after a certain time, Navratilova admitted that she was able to help Julia to win his illness. September 7, 2014 during a break in the championship semi-finals US Open Navratilova took the microphone from the lead, dropped to one knee and asked whether Julia agrees to marry her husband. After receiving consent, Navratilova went to the game and together with Jana Novotna won a pair of Austin-Fernandez. This year Navratilova received US citizenship and live in Florida, where same-sex marriage is currently not allowed. The famous tennis player wants to adopt two children, maybe she`ll take custody of her daughters Julia.

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

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