Julia Gnuse

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Age: 56

Place of Birth: Flint

Citizenship: United States

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She was born in 1959 in Flint, Michigan (Flint, Michigan), and currently lives in the town of Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, California (Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, California). Currently Julia holds the record for the Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records) as the most tattooed woman in the world. However, to choose such an unusual way to differentiate from the crowd Julia made no idle whim, and porphyria - a hereditary disease associated with the violation of pigment metabolism. In sunlight the skin suffering from porphyria blisters and ulcers, which leave behind scars. Julie developed porphyria, when she was twenty-odd. To somehow cover up the scars, she made a few tattoos, and then, obviously, the process drew it, literally, with his head. While tattoos do not prevent her from further photodermatosis with masking they cope quite well. There are medications that can alleviate the condition of these patients, but Julia does not take them because of the risk of blindness.

According to Julia, she developed dependence on colored tattoos after she made her first on his feet. Among the colorful scenes adorning her body, there are very different, from the portraits of favorite actors to scenes from the cartoon. All figures are made the same tattoo artist.