Julia Brace

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Date of Birth: 06/13/1807

Age: 77

Place of Birth: Hartford

Citizenship: United States

Sign Systems Developer

Julia Brace was born June 13, 1807 into a poor family living in Hartford County, Connecticut (Hartford County, Connecticut). Her father, John Brace (John Brace), was a shoemaker. Nevertheless, Julia developed perfectly normal, and four and a half years of a girl already knew how to read two-syllable word, trained to sew and helped her mother take care of younger siblings. At the age of five years old girl fell ill with typhus and lost her sight and hearing. Gradually, she stopped talking and developed a system of gestures with which to communicate with parents. When she recovered, Julia accustomed to his new position, helped her mother around the house, took part in the upbringing of the younger children and learned tinkering various crafts made of leather scraps. Finally, thanks to the intervention of local charities, Julia was sent to a special boarding school for deteys impaired hearing and vision, after which she was offered a place in Hartford shelter for the deaf (Hartford Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb), which today is called the American School for the Deaf (American School for the Deaf). Julia came to school June 11, 1825, two days before his 18th birthday.

As a child, it is described as an independent, curious, but irritable girl. Although it has not received special training, she took over the tactile American Sign Language from the local deaf students and staff Hartford School. Despite the fact that Julia was the only school in the blind, she joined the local school community, made friends and even enemies, performed public duties - the laundry, washing dishes, taking care of their own clothes, and significantly developed their skills in sewing and knitting. She was very fond of order. Julia Brace become something of a local celebrity, and took a lot of curious visitors, although the constant disturbance of its business, apparently, much irritated her, and she was not afraid to express their dissatisfaction with the time from time to time.

Her memory in relation to the real, tangible things was very tenacious, but Julia did not take quite abstract concepts, and never has been clear evidence that she understood the idea of ??God. She stubbornly defended their own rights, but never intentionally invaded the lives of others and never let anyone deceived. She was a kind and gentle enough to entrust to her care of the sick, and turned into a beautiful nurse.

Samuel Gridley Howe (Samuel Gridley Howe), a teacher of the school for the Perkins Blind (Perkins School for the Blind), after a meeting with Julia Brace in 1937, during a visit to Hartford school began to teach a seven-year deaf-blind girl named Laura Bridgman (Laura Bridgman). After four years of training, he has achieved great success in teaching his young ward and in 1841 returned to Hartford, taking her with him. While Julia was already 34 years old, Howe thought he could try to teach her English, as Bridgman. As a result, April 6, 1842 Brace became a student of the school Perkins. However, Howe experiment was less successful than he had hoped, as Julia is clearly prefer to communicate in sign language, and after a year of training, she returned to Hartford School, where he continued to live until 1860. Then she left the school and moved with her sister in Bloomfield, Connecticut (Bloomfield, Connecticut).

Julia Brace died on August 12, 1884, at the age of 77 years. She is buried in an unknown grave in the local cemetery Wes Hill (West Hill Cemetery).

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