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Date of birth: 24.11.1986

Age: 29

Nationality: Greece

Greek pornodiva

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Infamous Greek model and socialite, as well as a singer, actress and porn actress.

Born Julia Aleksandratu in 1986 in Greece (Greece). Her real name - Garifalliya (Garyfallia `Julia` Alexandratou), she grew up with her older sister. It is well known that my mother, a former model from childhood taught daughters to look after themselves, to instil in them a taste for clothes, and Julia from early childhood began filming for advertising.

With seven years she began taking ballet lessons and from adolescence to participate in beauty contests. About a young beautiful model, and said that she had great potential.

At the age of 16 years Julia won her first beauty pageant - Miss Young.

It is also known that for family reasons Julia together with her mother a few years prozhilav London (London), and therefore it is perfectly fluent in English.

In 2006 Aleksandratu could not win a beauty contest Miss Star Hellas, but very soon the fans saw the beautiful Julia live Greek reality show `Fame Story 4`.

Soon it increasingly began to appear on television programs like `Megalicious Chart Live!` And `Music Bee`, as well as in the movies.

In 2008, Julia in the image of Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of the magazine `Nitro`, and in the autumn of the same year she began singing in clubs in Athens.

The Greek public is very fond of bright, though somewhat cheeky Julia - she shone gruff charm, had the habits of this star, and generally behave like a queen at any stage.

The scandal broke out in March of 2010, when Greece nachalrasprostranyatsya porn movie on DVD, where the actress acted Julia Aleksandratu. Unknown partner Julie, whose face always remains in the shadows, presumably - Ian Scott (Ian Scott), quite famous in his genre actor. The film differed in Greece at an alarming rate, and soon Julia had to speak on television with explanations. So, she admitted that she plays in the film really is, but the video was filmed exclusively for private purposes. Thus, according to Julia, unknown actor whose name she preferred not to disclose specifically `slil` video to the masses, to harm her, Julia.

It is not known whether kupilas Greek public on such explanations, but Julia still getting air time on national television, with sheen appeared on the glamorous parties and social events.

In February of 2011 began to be sold another porn film featuring Julia, it was called `Julia 2 Mavri`, and its very name already suggests that it is - the continuation. In the story, Aleksandratu walks naked through the streets in search of love, which she, of course, easily finds. By the way, this film marked a very hard sex scenes.

This time the scandal was not noisy, and Julia did not make any statements - it was very clear and unambiguous.

Today, in the filmography of Julia at least three films for adults. In addition, she has released four singles music, five music videos and at different times acted magazine `Nitro`,` Miss Diva`, `Miss Lux`,` Esquire`, `Playboy`,` Hello! `And` Vogue`.

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