Jules Bordet

Picture of Jules Bordet

Date of Birth: 06/13/1870

Age: 90

Place of birth: Soignies

Citizenship: Belgium


In 1894-1901 he worked in the laboratory of Mechnikov at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, in 1901 organized the Pasteur Institute in Brussels, the director of which remained until 1940. In 1907-1935 he taught bacteriology at the University of Brussels.

The main scientific works are devoted Bordet immunology. He first proved that the basis of immune responses are physical and chemical processes. O.Zhangu described in conjunction with the complement fixation reaction - immune proteins present in the serum of animals and humans and bactericidal action causing the blood. Complement Fixation became the prototype Wasserman, used today for the detection of syphilis. Bordet discovered two types of sera having antimicrobial activity: containing a complement, which is present in the serum prior to immunization, and the antibody comprising, that result from the vaccination. In 1906 she allocated bacillus - causative agent of whooping cough; in 1921 he established the basic nature of immune responses - agglutination and precipitation.