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Date of Birth: 09/02/1883

Age: 68

Place of birth: Poitiers

Citizenship: France


Existing filmography of Jules Berry in Russia to talk about several films, while at home, in France, the number of films that played the legendary Jules Berry, close to a hundred.

Ninth fevralya1883 at Poitiers (Vienna) in the family of employees born Jules Berry. Soon Take the family moved to Paris, where Jules studies in the Lycee Louis-le-Grand. Later he successfully graduated from the class of architecture at the School of Fine Arts.

But, while still students of the Lyceum, a small Jules feels an irresistible attraction to the theater.

And, at the earliest opportunity, Jules Berry arranged pupil in Lyon theater, where he soon received its first small roles.

It was there, in Lyon Theatre of young and already extravagant Take notes Brussels directed by Jean-Francois Ponson, who immediately enters into a contract with the actor for twelve years.

Thus, the fate and future are defined once and for all. Jules Berry becomes an actor. He moved to Brussels, where the young and talented actor cooked hearty and warm welcome.

Good role and the love of the public - what else can dream of an actor?

Jules Berry plays the Brussels theater for many years, to his credit more than a dozen successful plays. And so, in one of the Parisian concert tours in 1911 he managed to play in a small role in the movie, was still silent. Movie wins an aspiring actor, and during the following years, he was withdrawn in several small roles on the screen.

The first big success in the cinema comes to Jules Bury only in 1928, in the film

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