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Birthday : 05.04.1975 year

Age: 41 year

Birthplace : Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Michael Jordan Hyuston

Original name: Jordan Michael Houston

Juicy Music from Memphis`Juicy J` - alias Jordan Michael Houston (Jordan Michael Houston), a popular American rapper and record producer from Memphis, Tennessee (Memphis, Tennessee). Jordan accounted brother Patrick Houston (Patrick Houston), no less well-known hip- hop artist, gained fame under the pseudonym `Project Pat`.Over the years, the scene `Juicy J`, who began musical career back in 1991, seen as a moment of glory, and a rather sad times, when only the closest friends were with him. Nevertheless, the musician was not possible to repeat the fate of others, even when a more successful musicians, who quickly lit up on stage ,but just as quickly left her. Perhaps the most striking project of his career can be considered `Three 6 Mafia`, which he created together with other musicians from Memphis :` DJ Paul`, `Lord Infamous` and ` Koopsta Knicca`. However, the artist and solo career was marked by joint performances with the biggest stars on the rap scene. So,among the musicians appearing on the same platform with him, was Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne), White Lil (Lil Wyte), `French Montan

` And many others.

Jordan `s career began in the early 1990s, when he and his friends founded the first rap collective `Three 6 Mafia`, who later brought fame and popularity to all its participants. At the same time the musician began collaborating with other rappers from Memphis in the project `Prophet Entertainment`. In order not to waste time on the signing of contracts with record labels, the participants `Three 6 Mafia` founded his own record label -` Hypnotize Minds`. During the following years `Juicy J` together with other musicians to conquer the American rapscene, which in the 1990s for the first time been able to compete with the popular rock scene that has historically - only remember the 1970s and 1980s - enjoyed great popularity. It was in the 1990s, rap shape as style, and Jordan and drugimuzykanty of his projects his songs were able to contribute to this rapid development.

Despite,Houston wrote his own music since the early 1990s, the debut solo album `Chronicles of the Juice Man` he released only in 2002, the year on the label ` North North Records`. His record was popular among the students, but critics are not too favorably evaluated egosolnuyu work. The publication `AllMusic` appreciated album 2. 5 stars out of 5, but it did not prevent `Chronicles of the Juice Man` climb to 4th place in the best independent albums chart (Billboard Top Independent Albums).

In 2006, the `Juicy J`,` DJ Paul` and `Frayser Boy` were awarded the Academy Award (Academy Award) for the song ` It`s Hard out Here for a Pimp`Three years after that, in 2009, the year the musician again pleased fans of his solo work. On the album `Hustle Till I Die` includes both new songs rapper, and all your favorite hits ; fans were also surprised by the number of songs included in the album - 20. Critics edition `AllMusic`, it seems ,took a strong position with respect to creativity `Juicy J` and this time his work was rated 3.5 stars

- More generously than the first estimate of the work, but still not enough for the high ambitions of Jordan.

In 2011, the `Juicy J` moved away from working with ` Three 6 Mafia`, deciding that now is the time to develop his solo career ,is focused on working with musicians, whom he had known since the early 1990s. Within a couple of years he has recorded solo records a duet with other rap musicians America Av early 2013. Finally, set about recording a new album - `Stay Trippy`. The record that has appeared on the shelves of music stores in August 2013-year and in the first week of sale broke the previous record. For more than 135 thousand copies, excluding e-commerce sales were sold by November 2013.. This time the critics were positive about creativity `Juicy J`; `AllMusic` even become generous on the 4 stars that brought the record of the best albums of 2013 -th.

To date, it is knownthat the musician is working on a fourth album which will be called `The Hustle Continues`. Until now, the actor did not give comments on how he expects the fans, but as you can tell from the mere naming, the musician had prepared something that will be able to extend the euphoria of his previous work.

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