Judy Davis

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Date of Birth: 04/23/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Perth

Citizenship: Australia


Author: Light Konfetkina

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Judy Davis was born on April 23 1955, the year in Perth and had a Catholic upbringing. She was educated in the monastery of Loreto, and after - in 1977. - graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

For the first time the actress has appeared in front of the viewing audience in the late seventies. She played in one of the movies and that hour received the award for Best Actress.

Subsequently, proposals from leading filmmakers began to arrive to the actress with an enviable constancy.

In 1981. Judy played in the movie "The winter of our discontent" and at the same time participated in the International Film Festival, which attracted worldwide attention, and deservedly won many accolades and honors.

After - in the late eighties - early nineties talented actress won several awards, including the award from the Australian Film Institute, as well as - from the National Society of Film Critics.

In 1990. Judy was lucky - for some time she has worked productively with the famous director Woody Allen and flashed in his film "Alice."

Just a year later the actress received the award again - this time for Best cameo that Judy was no less honorable than the other prizes.

In 1992, the fate of the actress once again faced with Woody Allen, who gifted a closer look at Davis and offered her a starring role in "Husbands and wives." The role proved fateful. It not only propelled the actress at the summit of success, but also made her the owner of "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".

Subsequently, Davis worked extensively on television, so much so successful that now and then honored with Emmy television awards (the number of nominations for this award reached ten).

In once again August 2007, the actress took part in the filming of the series "Masters of Science Fiction" proved to be the best way.

Currently, Judy Davis demanded not only an actress, but also an active social activist. From time to time the actress is involved in all sorts of activities, including - in political actions (once she opposed the war in Iraq, for example).

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