Judy Buenoano

Picture of Judy Buenoano

Date of Birth: 04/04/1943

Age: 54

Place of birth: Kwan

Citizenship: United States


It was executed in 1998 for the murder of her husband, James Goodyear (James Goodyear) in 1971. Buenoano was also convicted for the murder of her son Michael (Michael Goodyear) in 1980 and the attempted murder of her fiance John Gentry (John Gentry) in 1983.

In addition, she admitted that she was responsible for the death in 1978 of her boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris (Bobby Joe Morris) in Colorado (Colorado). However, by the time she was sentenced to death in Florida (Florida). It is also suspected in the death of another of her lover, Gerald Dossetti (Gerald Dossett), in 1980. After her arrest, Dossetti`s body was exhumed and examined for signs of arsenic poisoning. However, no charges were brought against her in the case of the death of Dossetti.

Buenoano became the first woman executed in Florida since 1848. Before she was executed in the state is only a slave named Celia (Celia), hanged for the murder of his master. Across all of America became the third Buenoano a criminal who was executed after the re-introduction of the death penalty in 1976. At the national level, she became the first woman executed in the electric chair, starting with the first in 1957. Before her Rhonda Belle Martin (Rhonda Belle Martin) was killed by a current in Alabama (Alabama).

Dzhudias `Dzhudi` Buenoano (Judias` Judy` Buenoano), nee Dzhudias Welty (Judias Welty), also known as Goodyear and Dzhudias Dzhudias Morris (Judias Morris), was born on April 4 1943 in Kwan, Texas, United States (Quanah, Texas, United States). In 1971, she married James Goodyear (1934-1971), the US Air Force sergeant. According to prosecutors, she poisoned him a deadly dose of arsenic, hoping to get insurance. Initially it was thought that Goodyear died a natural death.

In 1973 Buenoanosblizilas Bobby Joe Morris. In January 1978, he was poisoned by arsenic. A year later, her son, Michael Goodyear (1961-1980), became seriously ill. Among the symptoms of the disease has paraplegia - paralysis of limbs. A post-mortem examination showed that during his lifetime he was severely poisoned by arsenic, which provoked a disability. In 1980 Buenoano went for a walk with his son, renting a canoe. She drowned her own 19-year-old son in the river, whose hands and feet were weighted by wearing support braces.

In 1983, Judy began dating John Gentry. Gentry was seriously injured when his car exploded. While he was undergoing treatment, the police, checking all the facts related to the explosion, I found some discrepancies in biographical Buenoano data. Further investigation revealed that Buenoano started to tell your friends that Gentry is suffering from an incurable disease. Learning of this, Gentry decided to inform the police that his girlfriend gives him some `vitaminy` that he quickly recovered. arsenic and formaldehyde was detected in their analysis. All this has led to the exhumation of the bodies of Michael Goodyear, Goodyear James and Bobby Joe Morris. In each case, it was found that the victim had been poisoned with arsenic.

In 1984 Buenoano was convicted for the murder of Michael and James Goodyear, and in 1985 - for the attempted murder of John Gentry. She has received 12 years of imprisonment in Gentry, a life sentence in the case of Michael Goodyear and was sentenced to death in the case of James Goodyear. She was also found guilty of insurance fraud. It is suspected in several arson, again committed the same in order to obtain compensation.

Judy Buenoano was executed March 30, 1998-th in Starke, Florida, United States (Starke, Florida, United States).