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Date of Birth: 07/05/1962

Age: 54

Citizenship: United States

Network trolls under a magnifying glass psychologist

Author of a number of articles on various aspects of the psychology of Internet users; known for its analysis of the devices of the Internet community as a whole, the study of the problems associated with the virtual images and study the phenomenon of trolling network.

In his studies, Judith Donath uses the techniques and ideas of the areas on the face to communicate in a network of relationships with virtually - such as evolutionary biology, architecture, ethnography and cognitive science. Techniques such Donat uses for the design, optimization and study of the so-called `virtual gorodov` - complex network of communities.

One of the most famous inventions Donat, without a doubt, the social applications - so it was Judith created the first service to send e-cards and the first interactive arts competition. Donat and very close to the art - her work has been exhibited in a number of well-known museums and galleries around the world. However, the main occupation of Judith still remains the study of `personality and imagination in virtual soobschestvah`.

Education Judith Donath received within the walls of Yale (Yale) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); First, she received a Bachelor of History, in the second - a master`s degree and doctorate. Initially Donat specialized in developing software for educational and experimental purposes.

October 10, 1995 th Judith - at that time still worked in MIT on my dissertation - took part in the celebration of the 10th birthday of MIT Media Lab Media Lab; Donat managed to organize a large-scale international project network. This project - `A Day in the Life of Cyberspace` - became one of the first events of this magnitude.

Judith continued to engage ive network projects forward; after already mentioned the service for sending e-cards `The Electric Postcard` and interactive network galleries` Portraits in Cyberspace` she took a deep study of the psychology of network users. Among other things, Donat took up finding the most effective methods of networking and their relationship to issues of gender and sexuality. During Judith research, among other things, shows the great importance of virtual portraits (avatars) users; According to Donat, skillful manipulation of the emotions associated with certain avatars, can be used in online advertising campaigns. Later, Judith has published an essay `Mediated Faces`, which thoroughly analyzed the existing methods of representation of real images with networking, and offered a somewhat more flexible and powerful methods to create advanced virtual entities.

Various methods of network hooliganism - flame, trolling, flood - to Judith for a psychologist were very, very exciting area of ??research. Concept trolling Donat carefully analyzed in his work `Identity and Deception in the Virtual Community`; published this work, by the way, was still in 1996. The whole network of anonymous bullies Judith comparing with conventional vandals; however, on closer analysis of their motivation was provided much more complicated.

A major role in shaping the current appearance of the web, according to Judith, played affordable to almost everyone in one way or another anonymous; without significance and the split formed between the real identity of the user and those images that he creates on the Web. According to Donat, such a split in the future can worsen even more - at least through the active use of remote-controlled technical devices.

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