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Date of Birth: 08/29/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Buenos Aires

Citizenship: Spain


Author: Elena Murzina

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Juan Diego Botto born August 29, 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina). His father, an Argentine actor Diego Botto (Diego Botto), who was then only 28 years old, was kidnapped, tortured and killed March 21, 1977, during the Dirty War in Argentina, when tens of thousands of people disappeared without a trace. Juan Diego did not have time and 2 years old, and his elder sister Maria Botto (Maria Botto), also became an actress, tolko-tolko 3 years old. Their mother, Argentine actress and drama teacher skill Cristina Rota (Cristina Rota), took the child and went to the Spanish Madrid (Madrid, Spain), where they live today. In 1979, in Madrid in Juan Diego and Maria appeared younger sister Nur Al Levi (Nur Al Levi).

Juan Diego Botto started acting at the age of 5 years and played her first role in the Spanish comedy `Martes y trece, ni te cases ni te embarques` (1982). He studied acting at drama school of his mother - Centro de Nuevos Creadores, which came out of the walls of many famous actors Spain. To date, he has behind him a total of five dozen roles, and it is considered a very experienced and well-known actor in Spain. His role in the drama `Sobrevivire` ( `` I Will Survive, 1999) Botto brought not only national recognition, but also introduced him to the audience and critics at the international level, as the film has been translated into many languages ??and successfully walked in many countries world. This film is about a woman who had a crush on a man who was in fact a homosexual.

Botto`s career led him not only to the big screen. The actor played several leading roles in theater plays, warmly received by critics in Spain. He also dabbled as a director of stage `Privilegio de ser perro` ( `` The honor of being a dog), a play about the difficult life of immigrants who try to enter the country of your dreams, and what awaits them after that.

At the moment Juan Diego Botto lives in Madrid with his girlfriend, Spanish journalist and writer Olga Rodriguez (Olga Rodr & # 237; guez). He is actively involved in politics in 2003, Botto repeatedly arranged protests against the war in Iraq (Iraq) with its peers and participates in a support group for the same as he is, children whose parents have disappeared.

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