Joze-viktor Kastil

Picture of Joze-viktor Kastil

Age: 55

Place of birth: Porto Alegre

Citizenship: Brazil


Author: Olga Strelkova

Website: Celebrities

According to an opinion poll conducted in Brazil during the show "family ties", the greatest sympathy for the audience it caused not Camila supposed author and Capito were deemed to Globo, the biggest audience sympathized with funny, touching the fat man Viriato, throughout the show solve their sexual problems.

When Jose Victor Casteel removed in Rio, it lives on Ipanema and often comes out with the family for a walk on the beach, so when a large man sitting close to the same jar of icy beer in hand, people get to know their favorite actor, they just fall into otsepenenie.A when the most enthusiastic fans are beginning to announce the vicinity of cheers, Jose Victor chuckles and says to his wife: "Again, I have mixed with Vera Fischer!".

By the way always in a good mood and sense of humor Jose a magnet to his colleagues and friends, "I am a person who has no enemies, everybody loves me, because I too love all!." - Proudly declares akter.On optimist and believe in luck, it she believes Jose, helped him, a successful lawyer who specializes in copyright protection, to find their true vocation (eight years combined Jose attorney and acting career) .Imenno luck helped him, an unknown actor, who has worked for nearly 20 years on stage Theatre in Porto Alegre, to sign a contract with the leading TV companies of the country and to act in the most famous TV series Globo.

Incidentally character Viriato suffering impotence, brought the actor not only national love and glory, but also forced to go through a few unpleasant moments. "After the show it`s been a few weeks and I went to Porto Alegre, look for land for fazendu.Agent estate, cute in general man, almost weeping began to complain about my life and tell him my sympathy, because we had "native soul", impotent! Can you imagine? and this is not the first time, however, more women molested, complained about their husbands and sympathized with "my" bede.No because I have this all was always right! You know how it was a shame ... ".

Although he does not deny that in the future everything is possible: "Anyone toy with hands sudby.Ya has never suffered a fiasco in bed, but who can renounce it true ?! I have an advantage, I have already prepared!".

By the way for the filming of "SU" Jose Victor specially eaten off and put on weight, because the scenario in the description of the character was written only three words, which the author Manuel Carlos Viriato considered the fundamental characteristics of the character "a fat, kind and courageous." Before filming began, who would have believed, the actor weighed only 78 kg (!), But the process is "a fat", as it calls the actor was so rapid and weight throw was incredibly difficult. "I`m after the shooting turned into a natural Japanese, eating only rice and sushi, because low calorie and delicious, but it was a real torture, all the time I stood on the scales and if the evening I weighed as much as in the morning, I fell into a panic."

Jose 16 years married to Cecil, she psychoanalyst, he has two children, 11-year-old daughter, Alice, and 7-year-old son Vitor.Ne Despite the success came to him after "family ties" and the rise of the career family continues to live in Porto Alegre where once a year, in January and February, Jose and his friends of the Theatre is organizing charity performances, which is called "Cheerful summer in Porto."